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First major crash of the off-season

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OK so I thought I would share what now seems a rather funny event. After recently discovering my love of mtn biking, thanks to the other half contributing such necessary equip as a bike, I have taken to it like a duck to water. Although I must confess to being a weekend warrior, I find myself oddly compelled to attend cycling classes in the gym twice a week and have seen my body shink before my eyes.( ..for anyone thinking of taking up biking for weight loss ....it has wicked results ! ) This is of course in a never ending endevour to keep up with my more experienced riding friends on our uphill climbs. The fact that I was given a turtle horn for my bike indicates my current pace....but at least I get there in the end. Its funny how guys egos react to being overtaken by a chick with a turtle on her bike ! ha ha

I digress..

On a weekend just gone we were up at Tahoe and luckily found just enough time to ride the Flume trail. For anyone who has done this before, you will know what I mean when I say the views are to die for ! woo hooo...
Of course we were running late for the shuttle bus and after my riding companion fixed his first flat for the day we hurried on....next was a slow leak in his front tire ... and then the pump broke this is of course not a nice thought when you have the best of the downhill left to go. So needing to catch the shuttle in 15min...my partner worked his way into my generous heart and swapped his slow leaking front tire for my perfectly good tire and left me on the trail to go catch the shuttle and hence avoid either of us the pain of an additional 10 miles riding on a busy highway.

So brains here decided that given I weigh half as much as my partner I would keep riding on this tire...hmmmm...lets just say this appeared to be working...however my confidence was apparently unwarranted...I won't say I was flying as I wasn't, I had just passed some hikers and had slowed down so as not to disturb them too much...DAMN SAND....so semi flat tire hits sand, bike stops...Jane keeps going, over handle bars and rolls into the fall...luckily on a wide part of the trail and not where there is a 2000ft drop to certain death... OUCH. My first real crash.. So not being smart enough to realise defeat I jumped back on the bike ( not noticing the ever increasing lack of air in the front tire) and kept riding down the trail... 50 mtres further on... DAMN.. I repeated said crash...blow for blow..roll by roll... That HURT ! Ended up walking bike down rest of downhill ( read most of downhill ) ran into a few nice people on the trail who first light heartedly berated me for walking my bike down the hill and then saw all the blood and realised my predicament. Must say other bikers I met were very friendly and had they had the correct equipment they would have fixed my bike.... apparently the poor damsel in distress routine works wonders when you have a flat tire..on and off the road

So apart from boring you all to death with my war stories I wanted to say I am more pissed off with what happened the following week.

My partner then went to return the broken pump to the store he purchased it from... to which the sales guy replied.." oh yeh we have a whole box of those out the back" !!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh !!! To which a discussion about why they had been sold in the first place resulted in numerous theories about being mates with the sales rep ! Grrrrrr!! I am not trying to say I want to hold the store liable. Just that it shocks me to find that people could be so damn ignorant as to sell people faulty goods which can obviously lead to dispare when you miss the best damn part of the ride...the downhill !!!! not to mention foolish behaviour from people like me who didn't know any better and end up getting themselves hurt....or the fact that someone could find themselves stuck in the middle of nowhere with a long hike to safety.

so, thats my gripe for the day... no broken bones to report of, no stitches, although 2 weeks later and I am still patching wounds and finding new bruises.

Cheers and safe riding to you all !
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Way to go!!!! Welcome to the world of pain. This is my second season off the road and I am loving it. The problem is the more you ride the more confidence you get and sometimes undeserved confidence.

I have been endo more times in the first few months that I was all last season, including that header I took in the “Slot”. It seems that the more I ride the more willing I am to take a tighter line at faster speeds. I have bent two rims and broken a piece off my front shock. I have gashed shoulders, bloodied knees, bruised hips and egos but I keep going back for more. Tell the S.O. that he owes you one for that downhill you gave up. Remember you road up it so you earned it!!! I thought Jim knew his equipment better than that!!


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yeh I thought he knew his equipment better too ! I must say his equipment is normally quite reliable hee hee He did and does feel quite bad about it. I'm pretty much over it but will no doubt milk it for what its worth !....just kiddin.

Glad to hear your loving the riding too !

happy riding !<FONT size="1">

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Jane, take a look at the Topeak Mountain Morph, durable and easy to use. I highly recommend it. It was rated 4 chain rings by Bicycling Magazine.
Bong~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~(_)/(_)
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Jane sorry for the crash and faulty equipment. Sucks to miss the downhill part, But you need scars for show and tell!

Glad you’re into it though. Used to be my friend and I were one of the few women on the trails, now seems like lots of women out there, all for the good I say.

Hey Bong perhaps K and Jane should ride together!
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Kim, You're right, I think they'd have fun together and we could enjoy their stories about how they got their biking scars.

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Be more than happy to tag along on a few rides with you K....let me know if your ever in the bay area....

thank god its POETS day..
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Jane, We'll look you up if we get to the Bay Area. If you ever get to Denver or Summit county let us know and we'll try organize a ride, KIMA should be able to show us some fun single track.


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Rage, Rage, against the dying of the light!"
Dylan Thomas
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Ach, I hef to check out ze flume trail.

You can usually find me bombing ze runs down at Skaggs and Purisma in Skyline. I hef some good vipeouts, but as Terminator I am indestructable. Zere are some cool parts vhich remind me of ze jungle in my blockbuster movie "Predator".

Vot is ze problem vit zese goddam hikers? Zey are lucky I do not thow them into ze ravine! ...and zese rangers vit their radar guns....15mph speed limits are for little girls.
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