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Which bindings???

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For a Rossignol S7, I'm thinking of:
  • Head Mojo 12
  • Rossignol Axial2 120
  • Coreupt PX 12
all of which are appropriate for my target DIN setting.
Any thoughts on the features of these bindings that might make them more appropriate or convenient for a middle-aged skier protecting his knees? 
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All will do the job fine.

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And the last two bindings are identical (rebranded Looks).
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sounds like a potential Level Nine purchase?

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evo has PX 12 14 and 15 for 70+ bucks right now. Racing versions with steel heels too.

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Is the PX the pivot?

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Originally Posted by elduderino View Post

Is the PX the pivot?

No, it's the PX. Different.


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