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What length Volkl Gotama?

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I have an opportunity to buy 2011 Gotamas at a very good price on clearance. I want to replace my 188cm Salomon guns with something quicker and more maneuverable. With the Rocker of the Gotama I expect this will have a big impact I was also thinking about dropping down in length and go with the 178cm Gotama.


I am 6'1" 175-180lbs 50 year old  expert. Ski out west mainly Whistler. I am fit and ski just about everything, trees, bumps steeps etc. The ski is intended mainly for soft snow days but once things are tracked out it will still need to ski crud and groomers. I have a pair of Salomon Fury's I use when surfaces get too hard


I have no problem with float on the 188 Gun. I figure with the rocker and greater width of the Gotama I could drop the length without loosing anything with float in powder yet gain some in maneuverability. Although tall I am not that heavy so again could probably get away with the shorter ski. From reading some of the threads it seems people reviewing the 186 version are upwards of 200lbs which I am not.


So the question is do you think the 178 Gotama  would work well for what I want  or would this be a mistake and should I go with the 186?





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Agreed. I'm fairly close to your dimensions, and I have the 186. Wouldn't want it any other size. Before I bought my Gotamas, I demoed the Guns and Gotamas back to back. The Gotamas absolutely blew away the Guns in every regard. You're going to love them!


Be forewarned, though, they are heavy and have a large turning radius. They ski fantastic, but are quite a workout. I have other skis I use more now, but I'd say my Gotamas are still my go-to ski for big bowls and wide open terrain on pow days. Unstoppable crud busters, too. They blast through crud/mank like a freight train. So there's actually something to be said for their heft.

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This is good thanks. 


Austin. Do you have the rockered version on the Gotama or an older model?  How do you find the Gotamas in tight spots trees etc? The Guns I have I like in big wide open conditions it's when I need to maneuver through tighter conditions I get bogged down. Again I figure with the rocker on the Gotama this should help greatly.


Another option I was considering is the Rossignol S3 in 186 any thoughts between the two skis?


Thanks again

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I have the full rockered ones. In tight tree's they're not so hot if the conditions are firm. In deep pow, they're pretty maneuverable, but nowhere near as good as my Keepers with their way shorter turn radius.


The rocker is great for your pow turns, but you really have to let them run. To make faster turns, they need to be muscled way more than the Keepers. Unless my technique's off, of course, which it may very well be. They are NOT my favorite ski for skiing trees, but are always very manageable, and very predictable which I like.

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