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To combat the wine discussions...

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...how about some beer recommendations?

(just kidding about being combative, dchan!)

Has anyone tried a Truckee Lager? I know it sounds way too trendy (Anyone for a Breckenridge Ale? Steamboat Lager? Whistler Special Brew?) but I tried one anyway a few months ago in Incline Village and was amazed. Easily the best beer I'd ever tasted. The sad part is that it's only brewed in Truckee and cannot be shipped very far because it's got to be refrigerated (a la Coors a long time ago).

I haven't found it anywhere in the Bay Area but I haven't looked much further than Trader Joe's. If anyone knows where it can be purchased outside of Truckee, I'd love to know.
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Ok I'll talk beer. Can't stand Bud, but enjoy Michalob light with food. I used to drink Bush, but never never Bud light.Love MGD, bottled, can, or on draft. Also liked Miller High Life on draft, but not in the cans or bottle. Black and tans made with Bass Ale and Guiness, anything else falls short.

Grolisch in the stopper bottle is more than decent, but the problem is the pasteurization of all the imported beer inparts a bitterness, or removes the smooth drinkability of the beer.Heiniken in Europe is vastly different than in the US as is Dortmunder.

Until the US forced Coors to distribute nationally, it was the best tasting and freshest beer I have ever enjoyed in this country. In the old days, it left the factory refrigerated, it was delivered cold, and as a seller of Coors you had to keep it cold, and sell it all within two weeks. If you sold warm beer or beer older than two weeks, Coors would eliminate you as a retailer of their product. No wonder it dominated 9 of the 11 states it was originally sold in.

Just like what Jimmy Carter did in braking up AT&T, 5they did to Coors.We have been getting ripped off on our phone bills ever since.Next to LBJ, in my lifetime, I despise him most as Presdient. Al least Clinton was entertaining.I think Clinton, his brother roger and Billy Catetr if he were wstill alive, would make a group of good drinking "buddies." BTW, Carter has been a wonderful former President.

So I rarely drink Coors, its just not the same, unless you are in Colorado, and you drink draft that has been deleived cold and kept cold.

Finaly, has anyone had any brews in those new 20oz. twist off and resealible top plastic bottles?<FONT size="1">

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If you read carefully, I mentioned beer in the wine thread. Belgian weissbeer, even. That stuff is about 12% alcohol and is really tastey.

I've been buying a beer called "Tuckerman's Ale". (Tuckerman's Ravine on Mount Washington, New Hampshire) It has a really cool B&W ski photo of the ravine from back in the 1930's on the label and it's pretty fair beer, too.

I tend towards microbrews with lots of flavor and former microbrews that sold out and are now owned by The Large Beer Corporation. Sam Adams Ale, Long Trail (Vermont) Ale, Bass Ale...

I agree that many euro-imports taste skunked. Heineken, Becks, St. Pauli are great over there and often horrible here. I think it's poor shipping and storage. I'll bet much of it is 6 months old by the time I try to drink it.

Ski resort beer? Wassach Brew Pub in Park City makes great 3.2 beer. Their slogan goes something like, "we drink some and sell the rest."
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I enjoy a well made beer too. I just have not learned what makes one better than the next. I know I like beers/ales that do not go down bitter. I like a full in the mouth almost chewey texture.. Since I took up wine tasting however I have not been pursuing a lot of beer tastings.. I usually have a few Pale Ale's in the fridge for my friends. It's easy to get and pretty good as a staple brew. I'll take suggestions for others to try. (have to be avail in SF area)
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I tried ORVAL the other day at a Thai restaurant. It's a Belgian beer and quite good. Hints of orange, very crisp, and a wonderful compliment to the spicy food.

My typical staple beers are Newcastle, Tupper's Hop Pocket Ale, and Shiner Bock.

Yes, I like "hoppy" beer!!!<FONT size="1">

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I guess my favorites would have to be Bass and Rolling Rock. There are others that I like, that are in the same category, such as Harp and Fat Tire. The only beers that I don't like are the really hoppy ones (I guess I can give them to Gill) and the chaep American piss water, such as Bud, Miller, Busch, etc. Especially the light versions. EEEuuuuccchhhh. Michelobe is probably the only Anheiser Busch product I can stand. One winter, when I was living at the ski area I was teach at, I drank nothing but Mic Dark. Then, one year in college I burned out on St Paulie Girl. I find it odd how my tastes have changed over time.
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Summit Brewing outta St. Paul, MN, and Sierra Nevada Brewing, Chico, CA, both turn out some mighty tasty products.
And, of course, for the stout of stouts: Guiness, of Ireland.
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I guess I'm not too far off with good staple beers. Sierra Nevada, Samuel Adams, Anchor Steam are producers I enjoy from time to time. I'm just enjoying my wine a little bit more at this time of my life.
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I like Grolsch, Stella Artois, Kronenbourg (normal and 1664), Hoegarden, Carlsberg, Miller, Bud, Becks, Tennents (a good cheap Scottish lager!), Michelob... the list goes on.

More importantly, I like a lot of beer. I mean quantity wise. I can't stop myself. One pint always leads to two pints. And once you've had two pints, well, you can't drive or anything. You might as well go the whole hog and sink a dozen!

Pass me a bottle, Mr Jones...
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Pilsner Urquel is one of my fav's.

Shiner Bock is good, too bad can't find it in the NW.

I saturated my body with mirco's for too many years, now I enjoy macro's......
Ride the Silver Bullet, Bud, Corona, you know that clean buring fuel that leaves no trace......
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Stella! I went to HS in Belgium as an army brat and, because the drinking age is nonexistant, drank Stella Artois the whole time I was there. Stella is Belgium's Budweiser so it surprised me to see it advertised here in the US as a "premium beer."

It is good stuff but if you want to try REAL Belgian beer, see if you can find a bottle of Chimay. Chimay was packaged in a plain brown bottle with no label. It either had a blue cap (good) or a red cap (ouch). The sediment at the bottom of the bottle is supposed to be there.

For local beers, I hate to admit it, but Chico's own Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is still one of my faves. I wish I had a taste for wine, living in Wine Country and all, but I can't take more than a few sips of Cab before I'm looking for a beer. I've got a cabinet full of local cabs that will probably never be touched.
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if those cabs are on their side and not heated, send me a list. I'll help you decide which ones to keep and which ones are dumping material. (the better ones you can take to dinner parties)

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I'm not a big fan of Stella. Far too sweet. It's like Fosters in Australia... it's the big export beer but most Australians in the pub seem to drink other brands. Chimay is pretty good but I think the Belgian Bierre Blanche/Witbier is even better than the German Weissbier. I love to tell this to every German I meet since, to a German, Belgium = Arkansas.
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Johnny Boy, I like your style...in fact I personally put this into practice last night, ouch, nothing like a Friday hangover in the office.

My fav all time beer would have to be James Boags, its a fine Tasmanian ( thats that little island off hangin off mainland Australia) brew. mighty fine. could even go a few right now. is that wrong at 9:30am? hmm me thinks not.

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Nah, that's okay. It's 12:30 (now 12:55) here, so go ahead and start drinking.
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Ever have weissbier mit shot ?
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Malt licka. It ain't representin', but my fav is Elephant.
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Guinness, Guinness, & Guinness or some times Guinness.
Other wise I drink local micro whereever I am. Here that is Uinta mostly for me,sometimes Wasatch. I remember my roommate in Glasgow drank Stella because of its high alcohol content. helped him get "outta is tree"

Thomas Kemper is another favorite of mine.
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Damn I am thirsty! Fat Tire amber Ale from New Belgium Brewing, Fort Collins, CO.

Like the beer. Like more perhaps that new Belgium often sponsers rather small sporting events. I have seen them at kayak races, triathlons, duathlons where the participants may number less than 100. Nice. BTW usally its FREE beer.
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Lucky Lager, in a pinch. And the little puzzles on the bottom of the caps are easy when you start, but very difficult after the 6th one.
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Thanks gonz,
Anchor brewery steam beer. good to know and interesting, it's one of my favorites but then I'm a wino. what to I know.
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