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4frnt CRJ v. Moment Night Train v. Bibby Pro

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Looking for a all mountain/powder ski and decided on these three. They seem like pretty similar skis and both have really great reviews. The Night Train seems a little more of a jib ski, however from the reviews i have read it can really rip the whole resort and backcountry. I live in southern colorado and ski quite a bit at Wolf Creek. Oh, and i am a 5'11" 140lbs. teenager that is still growing, so need some sticks that will last me for at least 3 good, full years. Thanks for the Input!

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I have not skied the Moments. However there should be good reviews on TGR and Newschoolers. And I know evo has some solid reviews.


I skied a few laps on a pair of 187 Hojis today. No powder, but a mix of chunder, a patch of a few inches of soft, some nice groomers, semi-icy bumps, etc. Stunningly excellent ski. Happy to get on edge or to slide/smear. Just rock solid. And surprisingly forgiving (in marked contrast to the Renegade). The 187 would probably serve you well.

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Sounds like you are looking for a wide-ish ski that does a bunch of things well.  I haven't had a lot of luck with that m'self, but I did a little research, found a couple of recent threads asking for a nearly identical list of capabilities in a ski; even the titles have a similar theme to yours.  There were some good replies in those, looked like to me:










Skis I've tried that I like in and around your target genre:  Head Rev 105, Blizzard Cochise (quite different from each other, admittedly).


Skis I'd like to try: Head Inferno, 4frnt Turbo, several others listed above...


Bottom line: gotta get out and see for yourself, or take the plunge and get something that holds you over until you can.  A reply to one of the many above threads mentioned some pretty suitable skis for a fraction of retail.  Dawg something, I think was his name.

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