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Navigating Mammoth

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What's happening folks?  So I'm hitting Mammoth this Saturday and it'll be my first time riding the mountain.  Since I only have one day and I'm trying to make the most of it, I'm wondering if anybody's got any advice on where to ride.  I'm around a level 7-8 skier.

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Get the Mammoth iPhone app and let it track you around.


That's all I got. I usually just chase friends around. Chair 2, Chair 23, Avy Chutes, Paranoids, Cornice...


But there'll be lots more open this weekend than when I usually get there in May/June/July. Have fun.

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Totally depends on conditions, particularly wind which is unfortunately in the forecast. The good thing about the wind, though, is it redeposits the snow in nice, smooth wind buff powder. Honestly, there are so many fun areas on that mountain, you sometimes just need to move around until you find your spot. I'm a level 6 probably, and there are fun runs off of every lift there for me.


If it's warmer, stay higher up. The areas around Canyon get really sticky and slushy when it's warmer.  The areas around chair 9 and 25 will soften up in the morning (and usually be fun) as they face east. I think chair 25 is only spinning on weekends now, though.


Have a blast! It's an awesome mountain!

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Assuming your driving, park at the Mill and go up chair 2 (Stump Alley Express) then go over to chair 3 for a few laps. If you go down the back of 3 you can take the long easy way down to Main or chair 12 to hit the back of the mountain. From the front of chair 3, ride down to McCoy/Gondi station and head to the top at around 10am. Cornice is groomed. I like to traverse out either side of Cornice as there is often wind buff deposited on the runs beside it. Lots  of fun stuff off the top depending on your skilz. Ski down Cornice to chair 23 to ride it back up. Scotty's is off that chair and also groomed. I also like to go down the face of 3 to the right down Coyote to chair 5. Chair 5 has lots of fun options. Off the back of it will but you into the Eagle area. Ride up 25 for some fun blue runs or ski down the face of 5 to Canyon Lodge and take chair 22 up to ride the Avy Chutes or the face of Lincoln Mtn if your a really good skier.

So much to do there.  I love that mountain.  Have fun.

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I was up there this past weekend and conditions are great! so pretty much go wherever you want! :)
just avoid eagle lodge most runs are beginners and they get a lot of sun during the day so it gets pretty soft/watery...

also there is the master world cup this week so if you go on chair 1 you'll be able to see some pretty good racing!

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Ride Climax, Daves Run and Cornice from the Panorama Gondola.

Ride Wipeout and Drop Out Chutes, Cornice, Scotty's and Paranoids from Chair 23.

Ride Avy Chutes and through the trees on chair 22.

Ride China Bowl to Coyote to chair 5.  They ride Face of Five to Wall Street.

Enjoy Patrolman's as a good alternative to stump alley.


Mammoth is by far the best ski area I have ever skied.


Enjoy the wide open skiing above the tree line.

Enjoy the steeps and chutes accessible inbounds.

Enjoy the long groomers.


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