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Swix HF or Toko HF

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Are these comparable? 


Toko HF at 167 grams is a lot cheaper than 180 grams of Swix HF


Something I've been curious about...



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exact chemical formulas are unknown to everyone 'cept a few. 


what it comes down to, is how and when you use them.


if i had to pay for wax i'd go with toko, if someone else was payin - swix (between the two)


all the major brands are making good hf formulas these days including holmenkol, raceservice, dominator and maplus.


i think the real art in race layers these days is mixing different brands.  but thats jus my opinion.

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They are not comparable. None of waxes is comparable to each other ;) That's why you have all of them in your wax box, to pick the one (or combination of them) which is perfect for given conditions. But that's when you are working for national/factory WC team, and few 1000eur for waxes is not a problem. When using for yourself you (normally) go with cheaper one, because even if you have all of them, you most likely don't have time and resources (and knowledge) to test all those possible combinations to find right one ;)

And when you are using them for recreational skiing, you just stick with non-fluoro waxes, which are good enough for Sunday cruising around the ski resort and are way cheaper ;)

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I know with the LF that the Swix is a very different temperature range then the Toko, much warmer. Check the package or online.
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Yellow that is.
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I like Swix...I get it free.

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Doesn't swix use air temps and took snow temps? That would make temperature ranges between the two like apples and oranges.
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Why not use Hertel All Temperature and long lasting too?


Ends up way cheaper.

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Originally Posted by mgrezmer View Post

Why not use Hertel All Temperature and long lasting too?


Ends up way cheaper.

Because he's looking to get glide that's as good as (or better than) Hertel's FC739, in different temperature ranges than "All Temp" is /really/ good for?

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