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Mudfoot great information

When you skied the "Gypsys" Where did you have the boots mounted if you remember?


I went to my shop and asked them to mount mine at -1 from BC

and I got them back at +1 from BC


I am 220 lbs 6' 1" not aggressive 

Will it matter at all?


Plan on giving it a try and I can always move them back if I choose


Thanks in advance.

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Miko:  I have not skied the Gypsies, but have seen a lot of them and talked to several shop guys who ski them.  From what I can tell, they seem to be generally preferred over the Keepers as a pure powder ski by good skiers.  I ski a lot of powder but have still not hopped on the reverse camber boat myself.  The Gyps have a big tip and a lot of rocker up front, so I would assume you will not have a problem with them diving.  I have my Keepers mounted on the line and do get a little tip drag if I get too far forward, which is not a big deal, but I'm sure that would not be an issue with the Gyps.  Unlike some other skis, Icelantics seem to be generally mounted on the line, although if you intend to ski them switch you may rethink that.


Since the introduction of the Gypsies Icelantic has been really pushing them over the Keepers, which always seem to be an afterthought in most of their marketing.  Not sure why because the Keepers can hold their own in any condition.  I have skied mine in waist deep cold smoke and did not see the need for anything different, although I'm sure the Gyps would be more surfy.  Reverse camber gives you a looser connection to the snow, which has its advantages and disadvantages.  As always, it comes down to the dealers choice.  It's nice Icelantic makes skis for both of us.

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