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Surface Drifter Ski

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looking for an all mountain/powder ski and the surface drifter seems to fit the bill.There is hardly any reviews on this ski so i wanted to see if anyone out there has skied it and what they think. Im a 5'11" 140lbs. teenager that is still growing. I ski quite a bit and want a ski that i can take and be comfortable doing groomers and stuff but really trying to find the pow stashes. oh and i live in southern colorado, near wolf creek. Thanks for the input!

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I own the drifter 191. I've only had it out about 5 days, but I think that is enough to make an assessment.


Positives: Nearly impossible to sink the tips. Floats over anything. Stiff enough under foot to not fold in variable conditions.

Very easy to turn with the early rise tip and tail. You can really open it up in a bowl with deep powder or crud. Also carves pretty well (for a wide ski with early rise).


Negatives: It took me awhile to get used to the center mount. I mounted at the traditional line recommended by Surface, which is more forward than all my other skis. I had a little problem balancing at first, but once I got used to it I liked it. Not a great ski in bumps due to the width. Only other issue is with topsheet chipping on the edges.


Overall, a great ski that is pretty versatile. If you ski where it snows alot, could be an everyday ski.


The drifter is the same shape and construction as the Live Life, so look for reviews on that ski as well.



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