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Volkl rtm84 tuning

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Does anyone know the rec tuning specs for the rtm84? Is it still 2* side, 1* base? And do you "de-tune" tips and tails on full rocker skies? Just worried my local shop will not tune correctly. Any help would be great. Thanks.
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I would venture a guess to say that a 1/2 is the right tune on that ski. 


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According to Volkl:

1 degree side

1 degree base

 2 inch de-tune tip and tail


I have used this tune on my RTM 84 and find it very good.


This also the 'factory tune' off the shelf.


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I'll give that tune a try.
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Thanks for that info...just wanted to check: did you mean 2 inches de-tuned tip and tail, or 2 degrees tip and tail? I've got a pair of these rockets, and want to keep them working as factory spec'ed. Thx.

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So 2 inch tip and tail de-tune. You can just take a diamond stone out with you skiing. If the ski feel "hooky" or tips grab to much, you can just rub it at a 45 degree angle a few times at the tips ( it doesn't take much.) I have been using the 2 degree side along the whole ski and 1 degree base tune and I like how they carve on the hard pack ice we skied most of the early season in the PNWest. Now that we have lots of snow it doesn't matter as much. I have 100+ days on these skies and still love how they ski.
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Factory is 1 on base, 2 on sidewall.

Also, that's what Volkl recommends.

You can detune more than 2" back - it's a personal preference. Some have left the tail sharp and detuned the tip 6-8" back.

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Not to start a fight but, a lot of us do not de-tune a shaped ski.


If you do your own tunes, you can walk into less and less de-tune by just tuning the edge at 2 or 3*. Most of us recommend the base of 1*.


I have not detuned a ski in years. With great fitting boots I can think turn and the ski begins to engage the next turn.

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Max Capacity -Agreed.
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I keep my RTM 84 V Werks well tuned and never "de-tune."

On a rockered ski, the concept is lost on me.


But then again...the '70's were exceptionally hard on me.

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I start with a 1/3 race tune for December when the snow is ice and hard pack....the skis really dig into the ice and carve nicely....i then change over to a 1/2 late Jan through mid Feb as the snow starts falling.  Once the woods etc fill in I don't tune the edges at all and just wax.

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I never detune a volkl and expecially my Kendos work perfectly without any detune
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okay I lied I used to cut back my 210 p9rs a half an inch
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