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Moment Bibby Pro vs. Moment Night Train

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Looking for a all mountain/powder ski and decided on these two. They seem like pretty similar skis and both have really great reviews. The Night Train seems a little more of a jib ski, however from the reviews i have read it can really rip the whole resort and backcountry. I live in southern colorado and ski quite a bit at Wolf Creek. Oh, and i am a 5'11" 140lbs. teenager that is still growing, so need some sticks that will last me for at least 3 good, full years. Thanks for the Input!

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Bibby Pro's in a 174 would work best for you between the two.

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Can you give me some reasons for the bibbys. Like our they a better all mountain tool? cause some other reviews say that the night trains are equally as good of an all mountain toll as the bibbys. thanks for the vote pro!

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The Bibby's are more for charging where as the Night Trains are better for shredding the pow and spinning off of back country booters.

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The Bibby's going to work better all mountain, unlike the Night Train it has camber underfoot so on harder snow it's going to provide you with a lot more grip, the stiffer flex will also work better in varying conditions. IF you are going to be doing a lot of jibbing in the back country or in pow, then maybe the Night Train, but if you've seen what Josh Bibby does on his pro model, it's more then capable of doing what the Night Train can, but while being more versatile.

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Sweet man i think i mught pull the trigger on the bibby pro. Do you know any other places beside backcountry freeskier to get the bibby pros for cheap? Thanks for the helpful input guys!

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Hvae any of you heard of the surface drifter? i was checking out the bibby pro and my buddy said that the surface drifter is also a really awesome ski that i should consider before buying the bibby pro. my heart was set on the bibby but my buddy said i should definetly consider the drifter. how is surface's quality? cause i havent really heard of them before this. just curious if anybody out there has skied them.

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get the bibby pro. from all the research I've done, they sound like a really nice ski. I'm picking up mine tomorrow, and I'm going 184, and am basically the same size as you. Do not go with a 174, way to short due to rocker, and you're still growing. Skis can be had at great prices right now, and if you don't like em, sell em, you won't lose to much.

here's a link to a night train vs bibby comparo. http://blistergearreview.com/gear-reviews/2011-2012-moment-night-train-186cm

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