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Does boot length matter?

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Hi folks,

This might sound as a trifly question, but if you take an Atomic 11.50 Size 28.0 (327 mm), a Tecnica I.C. 28.0 (321 mm),and a Lange L10 28.0 (332 mm) boot, they have different boot length for the same size. If one looks at the differences in length purly hypothetical does the boot length actually matter? I know it matter for the settings of the DIN, but does it have any effect when skiing? Force=(mass*length)(assuming that you have a "perfect fit")

Hang loose
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In theory it would make some difference just because the size of the boot would place the pressure on the ski at slightly different locations.
That being said, If anyone skiing out there could feel the difference of flex for that 1-3 MM boot sole change I would be amazed.
All the other differences in the boots, temps, fit, flex, lean angle, weight... would also contribute to any change in feel and skiing action.

In shorter terms. You have a lot more to work on and fix than just boot sole length before that would ever make a difference.
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Just an FYI. The differences in length aren't even that great. The Lange L10, 28, is 323mm, not 332mm. That just happens to be the same boot I'm in. So the total difference in those 3 boots is only as much as 6mm. Not much.

I'm no boot tech, but I would imagine that a longer boot would require a lower DIN, as you have a greater lever arm working against you. It's like putting an extension on the handle of a socket wrench, making it easier to turn the bolt.
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I am very sure about the boot length for the lange L10 28.0, it is 333 and not 332 as I wrote before, 323 is for 27.0 and 27.5, I work every winther in the local skishop with mounting of binding, grindings with more, so I am pretty sure about the bootlength if your boots are 323 it is either a 27.0 or 27.5

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Off this topic, but you other had faded so I'll ask here.....and even expand on it.

What types of "citizen" racing are available in Europe and are they like our NASTAR? In case I get to visit with wifes relatives in Norway this coming winter that would be something to look forward to.
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yuki: What exactly is NASTAR?
I don´t race, but if you are interested I could try to check it out... Since I´m from Sweden (still live here)I think I might find it easier...
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Ben you are right that it does make a difference in DIN setting. The longer the boot sole, the greater the leverage, and thus the potential for a lower DIN setting.

Otherwise, 10-15 mm of boot sole length shouldn't be enough to make buying a boot because its boot sole is longer or shorter than another model, reason not to buy that boot.
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HI Yuki
Sorry for letting you down!, I had forgotten your post from the other topic. Anyway if you are going to Norway to ski, one of the best places is Hemsedal, checkout www.hemsedal.com, I have been there several times and it is one of largets places in skandinaiven, you should not compare it to France, if you been there, it is offcourse smaller. The thing you get when going to Norway/sweden for skiing compared to France, is; you normally get a very nice big cabin with TV, bobblebath, several bedrooms, etc. and France you are mostly going to stick with some small rooms on a "motel" where you some times can be unlucky to have about 20 m^2 in all (with Bath, kitchen, and bedroom)for 4 persons. So if you are going to travel with your familie (kids) I think Norway would be a obvious choice, especially if you never have been in skandinavien.

About racing, I acturally do not know if there in europe is som kind of organised racing as nastar in the US, but offcourse if you are racing at a higher level there is the euro-tour, whcich is the level before the world cup. Else you just race with your local skiclub.

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Tele-Swede: Nastar is a nation-wide recreational ski racing program (see http://www.nastar.com) begun in the late 1960's in which there is a competition among better racers to establish one pacesetter, who then goes around the country competing with local ski resort representatives to determine their handicap against the national pacesetter's results on the local terrain. Theoretically, every local public recreational competitor that season is racing against the national pacesetter's times for that area, earning points and medals for their performances. There then are regional and national competitions among recreational racers, based upon their local results, with a national recreational championship each spring. The courses are more-or-less GS runs on intermediate terrain with electronic timing. Local results are posted on the Nastar website through the season.
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There is nothing like NASTAR in Scandinavia, that I know of anyway, there are a couple of races that are open to the public. The largest of them is a long "downhill" in the largest resort in Sweden, Åre. It is held every year the first weekend in May with thousands of competitors... There probobly are a number of "open" competitions in during the season, but no series.
Ben75: I agree, it´s exactly like you say about the cabins, but if I go skiing in Scandinavia I go to either Åre, Sweden or Trysil in Norway. Åre is the by far largest in Scandinavia. If you want to do something different you should go to Riksgränsen in late May or early June. Skiing is great, and the best thing; it´s so far north it never gets dark at that time of the year.
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