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Skiing till what age?

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Someone emailed me this interesting survey about attitudes towards aging and aging research. The url is http://www.agingresearch.org

In looking at the age and location check, I was both surprised and thrilled to see how many age 40+ skiers there are on this board. But the possibilty of our doing this in much later years is dependent upon how we take care of ourselves now.

Somehow, I can not envision any of you sitting around in a nursing home reminiscing about moguls past!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence

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Is there a website like......
www.hemlock.com ...... ?

Wheelchair slalom and GS down the handicapped access ramps anyone ?
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there is a lot to be said for the saying 'Use it or lose it......'

We are following a lifestyle that should hopefully allow us to be healthy and wealthy enough to retire at 55 and ski the whole winter, and if we are really lucky, head to the norther hemisphere in our summer.

Our local mountain still has free skiing for the over 70's - and they have a few. These guys (and gals!) are amazing. You would not pick their age when you see them coming down the slopes. They might not hit the slopes until 10:30am , and are going home at 3pm, but they do this for about 60 days a season.

It can be done.........
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One of the most requested private instructors at Sugarloaf, who was recommended to me by one of my 20 year old students, is a 75 year old woman named Natalie Terry. Kind of gets you thinking.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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I can hardly wait till I'm 65+ so I can ski for free. Just 25 more years to go....
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My dad is 71, skis about 25 days a year (more a time issue than not able to ski more). He will hit the slopes at opening bell and ski until the last run. and he is one of those that you would not pick as a "senior" just by watching him ski. I sure hope I can do that in my 70's.
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When my dad was younger, he loved to ski. Hes like 50 now, and he still does. He told me that wehn he was my age, his parents (MY grandparents) learned to ski--- when they were like 65! I think that is so cool. Old people who still hang out and play sports and are wiliing to do stuff like that I have a TON of respect for... I just hope that i got those good genes and I'll still be able to go play tennis and hang out in cabo san lucas at 85 (like my grandparent sjust did a few weeks ago)

"When hell freezes over, I'll ski there too"
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My dad is 73. He skied about 70 days this year, including a trip he makes every year to Colorado with some "college buddies."
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Resorts keep raising the "free age" to keep just ahead of the baby boomers. So don't count on it.
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BG, I love it, College Buddies, right on!

LM I see no reason to skiing in my 70's as well as participating in other sports.

I am often pleased to see many men and women out biking, hiking, skiing that appear to be in their 70's but who knows they could be in their 80's. I agree it's use it or lose it. Also I think it’s important to stay active in all aspects of life. My mom in her mid-70s still works, she actually sells concert tickets for one of the tickets outlets. She certainly knows more about current music than I do. All her co-workers are in their teens and early 20's. She's lots of peoples "grandma" amazing the things they tell her! Both my parents routinely play 36 holes of golf and walk it unless the heat or cold is to severe. They will be out here later this summer for their annual fly-fishing trip. They also go to New Orleans each year for music and general partying! Here is to hoping the genes will help me enjoy the next half of my life!
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One of the patrollers on my mountain is 75. I believe he had logged the most duty days this season.


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One of the main reasons I got serious about skiing a few years ago was that I was looking for active outdoor activities that I would be able to do for many years as I aged. In doing a lot of mid-week skiing I see and ski with many retirees as they obviously avoid the weekends. A lot of seniors, including family, I know and have been around, don't seem happy at all in their retirement. My dad, for one, being retired for close to twenty years now, has always been fairly negative and, shall we say, grumpy. The one thing I noticed, early on, is that most of the seniors who ski regularly are always running around with these huge smiles on their faces. I said to myself, "that's where I want to be in 25 years".

Skied with a guy last year that was in his mid-seventies and had started skiing in his early sixties, after retirement. He was taking lessons as he said he had a lot of improving to do. He was also smiling.<FONT size="1">

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till they pry the poles from my cold dead hands.
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