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Where to go April 7-14

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Always do a April trip out west but with the bad snow year thinking it's not worth it.  Any thoughts?  

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I had my best day of the season here in Tahoe several days ago (I mean, if you like 4-5 feet of blower pow).  Depends on what you mean by "out west" I guess, but the PNW isn't exactly having a bad snow year.

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Go to Alaska. That's pretty far west. 800" this season. Should be amazing.


Be sure to Train for Alaska though. May the GSA be with you.

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Don't forget the 2 go-pros and climbing harness - you wouldn't want to be caught in AK without them.

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Go to Alaska. That's pretty far west. 800" this season. Should be amazing.


Be sure to Train for Alaska though. May the GSA be with you.


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I should have been more precise, Thinking, Tahoe, Utah or Colorado, Alaska is a wee bit far from Jersey smile.gif

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You literally couldn't pick three worse places to go. Those spots are all having bad years. Look at the other thread linked, and think PNW, BC/AB, AK. Or think 'stay home'.

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Well he could"ve picked the Ne, Mid Atlantic or the Midwest! 


Catch the direct to Geneva and you can be in Cham, faster than you could be in Whistler and you wouldn't have to loose a day either way?

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Assuming the weather doesn't go completely nuts and there is some snow here and there, the cottonwoods will still work I think.

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Today at Moonlight was pretty sweet-6-12 inches of cold smoke overnight-there was an ice layer below the pow, but it skied really well-cold temps in the morning and not too warm in the PM-one of the best days for me in this poor season-finally some decent coverage!!

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While Shredhead is technically correct by a whisker maybe, but in practical terms in terms of certain choices, his timings are marginally correct. In terms of direct flight to Geneva from Newark is about 8 hours flying time tops, and then 1 hour drive to Chamonix, but for your FUTURE REFERENCE, you can fly DIRECT to vancouver on Cathay Pacific from JFK, leave NYC 1030pmish, arrive Vancouver 130am (flying time about 5.5hrs) - next morning, then wait for shuttle early morning (7am or so), and drives you the 80 odd miles to whistler, or rent a car or hire a car service (more expensive option and leave soon after you land. So note regardless of how you slice it, you can be on the mountain by opening chair or 11am latest, on day you land.


Return is by Cathay too, redeye, leaves Vancouver at 1040pm or so, and back in JFK by 7am. 


Just an FYI. 


Shredhead right about one thing, it's a touch closer to Chamonix, but Cham is higher, and also probably a much "cooler" place to be, but WB is world-class in its own right. So you decide young fella (or middle-aged fella, or lady/woman, no dis-respect either way), go West, or go East, both do not require missing a day's skiing on your way out to your destination, 

a BIG BUT, on your way back from Europe, it is very,very difficult to get any skiing in on the day you leave for the USofA!


Your choice, both are within reach.


ps: Right now WB round trip over Easter weekend, and if you stay a week or so, i think is sub $500 before taxes...but am not travel agent, do your own research, have not checked flights to Geneva, so ... 

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Wow, that is a good price and Cathay is a really nice airline!  I'm amazed that they even have a direct?  It's an intermediate stop on the Hong Kong route.


Whistler is a great place.  It's just a pita to get too and YVR is usually a very expensive ticket!

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Go to the PWN, Bachelor, Baker, Hood.  All have lots of snow.

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