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Aspen conditions?

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Can anyone give me an update as to the conditions in Aspen? Is the snow holding up?

Thanks brian
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The last three days have been really good, but it's been brutally hot! We are starting to loose terrain and it definitely takes some creative terrain choices to get the most out of the skiing.


 I would probably cancel if you can, without loosing too much money?  If you can't, the groomers will still be good up top and the bowl will be good till the end of the season? 

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ShredHead,  are you out there now?

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No, I flew back to ORD last night on the 4:15 direct. 

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Got it.  We are to head to Aspen for all of next week and trying to determine if its worth our time.  Plum TV is saying its going to continue to be warm.  (Not Good) You may not spend much time at Buttermilk, but my kids dig the parks.  Any idea what the conditions over there are like?



Thanks again,



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I haven't been to the milk this year, but it's got to be getting thin in the park? I think if you just want to ski groomers you might be ok? There is always stuff to do in town and Blazing Paddles started running the CO?

I have  airline reservations for both Aspen and Highland's closing days and I don't think I'll be using them?


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Thanks for the insight...we may skip Buttermilk and stick to the taller mtns.
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Wiscoskier - I am sitting in a Snowmass condo right now and not to be a buzz kill but the conditions aren't good. We are leaving a day early because of it, figured we save a day on our pass for next year. Snowmass is losing snow on the bottom half very rapidly, and the top half is ice until lunch or so. We were in Aspen last night for dinner and the bottom is almost snowless (although they are maintaining a WROD back to the gondola), although I'm sure the top still has cover on the groomers. You just need to be mentally prepared for what you are going to see and try and make the best of it and plan on skiing from 10-2. Good luck.
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^^^^^^^^^ I hope the higher bases of summit county are holding up better than that. I'm there the 7th-14th. I hope a pattern change is on the way!

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I skied Buttermilk and Highlands last week.  My game plan was to ski the frozen groomers in the morning and ski the slush bumps in the afternoon.  If you like these kinds of conditions, you'll be fine.  Runs are starting to close but there should be plenty of good skiing still open.  Also note that Buttermilk is scheduled to close for the season real soon.


FYI, I also skied at Breck, Vail and Beaver Creek.  I think Aspen is doing the best of the bunch.  Vails back bowls wont last long nor will Brecks bowls.

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Well we ended up pulling the plug on the whole trip.  Too far to travel for sketchy conditions. (Wisconsin)  Headed to Florida instead.  We will try again next year. 


Thanks for the help and eyes on conditions.



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Smart move.
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Wiscoskier - as Naybreak said good move, especially if you got out of it without any lost deposits. I knew when we booked our spring break trip they were having a crappy year but was hoping things would turn around in late February/March and they never did. At least you were able to book someplace else to go. My wife was at the pool/hot tub a couple days ago after our 3.5 ski day talking to a family from north Wales and they were not happy to have traveled all that way for the conditions at Snowmass.
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