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2012 Volkl Mantra ???

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Thinking about getting these in 184cm  5'11" 190 Expert 75% off piste PNW resorts.


Anyone ski these?  Thoughts on various terrain/conditions?


Looking to replace my Watea 94s which I like on soft stuff, but not so much on harder conditions.  The Mantras seem like they'd be similar but with metal - more hard charging for crud, groomers, and possibly float better with new raised tip/softer tail and little wider underneath?


Seeing some deals on Dynastar PX14 bindings from 09/10  Would these be a good route for a new ski?




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Very nice ski IMO, some difference of opinion at Epic about them. Definitely hard chargers, definitely excellent in crud, definitely light and quick. But won't handle bumps or soft snow as well as your 94's; just too stiff to be great. The length seems right for you. Only issue is the tradeoff of carving and crud for powder and bumps if this is truly a 75% off-piste ski. If it's a 60/40 ski, go for it. 

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I'm 5'8", 215lbs. advanced skier, but now that I'm in my mid 60's, not as strong or hard a charger as I use to be. I've skied both the 177cm and 1874cm Mantra. IIRC the 177 has 24m turning radius and it would likely be my choice.

However, I've chosen to buy a 180cm Blizzard Bonifide with a IIRC 21m radius. For me the Boni is turnier than the Mantra, but the Mantra bashes thru the cut up snow better.

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