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Current Summit County Conditions?

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Can someone give me an update on how Summit County is currently skiing?  I've read everything from be prepared to go hiking to it's OK.  Keep in mind, I live in central VT and we just went through the craziest period of weather I've ever seen. Our snow is gone, and just about every resort is either closed, closing today, or within a week of shutting down.  so that is what I call really bad for this time of year. I spend a few weeks every year in April in Summit county and I've seen some less than stellar years. I know some of the steeper terrain is likely to be really thin, and some of it closed, but what about the groomers? Are they still skiing OK? I mean VT is in a LOT worse shape than CO, so that's what I've been skiing. Compared to what VT has just gone through, it has to be better right? I'm mostly talking A Basin, Breck, Keystone etc..  thx

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Here's a Trip Report that Lady Salina started yesterday. 



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some pics and info here too http://www.epicski.com/t/110780/colorado-summit-county-26-mar-06-apr#post_1448860


Having skied Breck Friday and Vail today, I thought  Breck was in a bit better shape, but had fun both days...definitely getting thin in spots though with some terrain closed or close to it.  Mostly stuck to the groomers, but did some slushy bumps which were fun as long as you avoided the bare spots- no damage to my skis, so a good day overall.  Crowds were light.  


Driving by Copper, I thought the front of the mountain looked better than Vail and at least as good as Breck- Copper has the advantage of being higher than Vail with the front mostly North facing (compared to East for much of Breck). 


The last few days were as warm as I ever remember skiing in CO and the forecast does not show much good news for the next week or so http://opensnow.com/state/CO  

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I was at Winter Park today, similar to Summit elevation. Unlike last weekend, the was no following the sun for conditions management - the entire mountain was a slop fest well before noon.

We had fun, but you were getting to pointless stickiness by mid afternoon. Still freezing at night, so coverage, while dropping, is surprisingly good with this much warm weather. I wouldn't travel for it.
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Well...your mid April bet is the one climate feature that has been giving us good snow this year, the MJO. According to NOAA, another one is coming in this timeframe.

Maybe we'll go out with a bang on the terrain that is left by then.
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Didn`t ski today, but there was a fire that forced the closing of Montezuma Road and Opensnow half joked that the best powder days would be in November.  


I put air in the bike tires and may not have to drive down to Denver to take out the golf clubs in a bit.


I plan to hit Keystone tomorrow in the AM.

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These shots were posted on TGR, but I thought I'd repost them here since they so clearly show the situation this season:


Loveland March 2011:

LL March 2011.jpg


Loveland March 2012:

LL March 2012.jpg

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^^^^^^^ugh that doesn't look too good. I'm locked into April 7-14.

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Winter is on spring break.  It will be back.  I think.

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Noodler, how is Loveland skiing (all things considered)?

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Hey, I found corn! (ok, so it's on the golf course...)



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Keystone skied surprising well today.  Stuck to the front side groomers.  There are some runs that are closed, but I think they are working hard to keep the stuff that is open it decent shape all things considered.  


Firm in most spots when I got there about 10, but pretty smooth.  with a bit of a breeze, it didn`t seem as hot as it was over the weekend and I actually grabbed my mid weight jacket instead of my lighter one.  Flatter sections of the mostly north facers started softening up first, then some of the steeper sections.  Some runs were back and forth between firm and softer stuff with the only real slush being towards the bottom or the most sun exposed.  Left about 1 or so.  Couldn`t find the "No Straight Lining" sign on Go Devil.  No pics, but I have a bit of video of Vail on Sunday that I will try to post when I get my camera back.


No signs of the Montezuma fire, but the rumor is that KS plans to open one of their golf courses early this year.

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I hit Loveland today for a couple of hours.  Cruisers still have full cover.  Steeps off of #1 are starting to thin & no snow in weeks has created some really nasty cut-off bumps.  South Chutes has good cover.  North Chutes & Fail Safe Chutes are 30-50% dirt.  Tunnel face is dirt.  Ridge still has skiable lines through rocks & dirt.  Got there around 10 & a cool breeze kept most runs molar-rattling hard until well after noon.  Followed the sun & got in some good runs before heading down around 1, just as north aspects were starting to soften.  If current weather patterns don't change, my guess is that most will be dirt inside of a week or two.

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