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Cuffed for unpaid parking tickets? Good thing nyc isn't like that or i'd be up the river for a long time. Of course i've had my car seized off the street a couple of times for tickets.
I think they take their cars too seriously there.
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so I knee jerked a bit and spouted off the anti-suv rant...it just feels good. heh heh. But I need to say that I have been mixing it up with trafic recently, and for the first time in some time, and people have been very cool. They see me, they yield, they move over when passing me on the county roads etc. There are excecptions of course, which over time lead to kneejerkranting. But, so far so good.
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Yeah Tog, I don't think even a charmer like you could get around those New York City meter maids. I'll tell you, nobody was thinking of them when they wrote the song Lovely Rita.

Then I saw my reflection in a snow covered hill....

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence

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Ok, needing a little validation of my exsistence. I had a totally invisible moment this morning.

I am standing in Tower Records buying a CD, paying for my purchase, talking to the register girl and a guy comes in and asks her if she can hold his CD as he's going to exchange it. She says yes and does he have a reciept. They get in to a lengthy conversation about the lack of reciept and I am just standing there. So as this is going on, another man comes in asking where the bathroom is. She then, mid sentence with the reciept guy starts about no bathroom in the store go to the hotel across the street, I still stand there, finally start going he hemmm. And there I am, paying customer, totally ignored, surrounded by rude, non-paying customers and finally I just said "don't mind me" and nodded my head and scooted out the door. She never even noticed. Some thanks I get for shopping there!?! As I walk out the door, this thread comes to mind. I laugh at the whole thing and go back to work.

Now I can appreciate the fact that they both said excuse me, BUT then they kept on talking. When did those 2 words give you a license to interrupt? I though that was to get attention and a break in the conversation?

So I return the thread to the top of the active threads and ask the question du jour...AM I INVISIBLE???

Deep yogic breaths...
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Since I cannot see you SkiMinker not really sure. Sometimes in addition to being invisible sometimes I think I must not be talking out loud. I find myself having to ask. I think of it as talking invisible. Sounds like this may have happened to you too.

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I see your posts does that help?

Skiminker, When are we going to grab some wine and get that CD moving along?
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Tower Records
That is the first problem.
R there any local CD stores in your area?
I remember road tripping to Denver from Aspen & enjoying all the small local CD merchants. Names are hard to remember (this was while I was living in Aspen after all ) but Jerry's by the capital rings a bell.

Unfortunately, sometimes you have to be assertive to the point of being rude. I often take my business elsewhere before I resort to this.
One caveat though, drops the record store a note as to why you now shop elsewhere.
As a businessman, I know all feedback is a gift. If I lose a client, I would rather know why as to not lose another. I have also found that large nationwide businesses like this one will often try to lure you back with a gift certificate or something of that nature
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Good idea. I think I will right them a note. There are lots of local stores in SF, I happen to work down the street from Tower, so if I MUST..HAVE..CD..NOW, it's easy to pop in. But I will be taking my business elsewhere after yesterday.

Thanks for the good idea.

The formerly invisible, now highly visible ~Minker
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