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Vail, March 24, with Photos of Old Boots Helmet...

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Well Vail actually has a considerable amount of terrain still open considering the snow year and not bad coverage on most.  Out by Sun Bowl and the High Noon Chair was really baring out.  You'll see that in the photos.  Boot and I skied down the one side with snow left and took some photos of where there had been still lots of snow this time last  year.


 Most runs elsewhere were quite skiable with just a little attention needed coming to steeps to be sure you'd have good coverage.  Lots of bumps but they were a bit too crunchy for skiing in the morning and I regretted all day that I chose to ski on my Johnny 94's, even when it softened up as it was still hard, it's thin and you can feel the hard ground under the slush.  I'll take my Contact Slalom's tomorrow.  I added a few photos to show some of the coverage and of Course, the first one is of Boot's helmet now matched to his old hat. Kudo's to the Vail Lifties, the first three sung him Oh Canada.






Lots of good coverage down by Gandi Dancer and the runs going down to mid Vale, also nicest conditions in the morning and the bumps here seemed to soften fairly early.


Good coverage up top where you can head out back.


Coming down to the high noon chair from the snowy side on Seldom.


The thinnest area over by the high noon chair, Wow and Forever side.  Still open if you want to pick your way through.



Down the bottom in the afternoon is holding up well and still has over all good coverage, though it is definitely spring snow from the sun beating down.



By an Eastern standard in spring there is little snow around the ski racks where we put our skis and Vail still has good base coverage in these areas too.  I was surprised how much coverage they still have and will probably ski Vail again tomorrow just because they have so much coverage and so much open still.  The only coverage lacking around the ski racks was on the snow boarders.








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I LOVE Old Boot's custom helmet!  beercheer.gif


Hoping that Colorado gets one of those Early April snow storms to breath some live back into spring skiing.........A-Basin style!


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Originally Posted by lady_Salina View Post







Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

I LOVE Old Boot's custom helmet!  beercheer.gif






Wait..... there was a pic of a helmet?

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Good thing I took those pictures yesterday. Today was much thinner on the slopes of Vail and the lower mountain is looking pretty brown even where there is snow.  

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Tx for the report, heading out on the 6th.

I'll remember to bring my baggies. ;-)

Think slush,,,er I mean SNOW!!!

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just left vail this AM... having a few at denver airport.  too bad i didnt run into any bears in vail......  early morning bumps were crunchy but by 11 AM everything softened up. skied sun up bowl- its barely hanging on. 

all of the lifts had placards stating that downloading would be the best option


whistle pig was soft , we skied riva ridge right down to los amigos and it was fine, pepis face had great hold. all in all a great 4 days........


i got to ski my new bonafides for the last 4 days, they were great all - day long. thanks phil.....

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My posse and I skied Vail Saturday.  There was good skiing to be had after it warmed up, but it is getting quite thin in many of the bowls.


My buddy skied Copper yesterday (I rode my bike).  While there is a lot of bare spots at Copper as well, he said it was much better than Vail.  Not surprising given the difference in elevation and exposure.



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Copper looked not bad as we drove past today.  Boot and I were both saying it seemed to be holding up and maybe I''d try it later in the week.  

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Leaving Vail tomorrow a day earlier than planned. Spending some $$ unfortunately to do it with changing flights . It's not that its unskiable or horrible. We start at 8:30 quit at about 3:15 and we do get a lot of skiing in. The morning starts with pretty much rock hard groomers from the freeze thaw cycle. Today the wind was really blowing really hard and in addition to knocking some tree limbs down there were a number of groomed runs that got scoured down to "granite".


The whole back side was closed today due to winds . It's unfortunate that the season looks like it will end on a "wimper" . I think here at Vail that unless they get a couple feet of snow between now and April 15th closing date the skiing is going to be really sketchy and limited terrain. The rest of this week is showing highs near 50 again.


So, I've been fortunate to ski out here over the years a good bit and experience terrific conditions. This year just didn't duplicate previous seasons with typical Vail conditions.

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Originally Posted by lady_Salina View Post

Copper looked not bad as we drove past today.  Boot and I were both saying it seemed to be holding up and maybe I''d try it later in the week.  

Copper is not bad ... I was there today, and skied 9-2. Stayed low in the sun early, and it was still soft (well, edgeable at least), then moved around a bit. The higher lifts went on wind hold, though, around noon I think, so I never went to Sierra. Not sure it would have softened with all the wind. But, lots of sun and few crowds and enough snow to ski on. It's better than it was until about the third week in January..... th_dunno-1[1].gif Skiing is better than not skiing. 

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in looking up the mountain here at the boat, several bare spots visible especially on Storm Peak North and several spots on the lower mountain runs (not huge). At my house almost all snow is gone. I am about 7000'. In town (.25 miles and about 200' lower) there is no snow at all for some time. We hit 75 this weekend.  From what I am told however, the mountain is skiing well. Like Seg pointed out, we still have a 40 something inch base which is much better than the mid-January base of about 2 feet.  

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Already made plans to ski Copper on my way in on the 6th, and probly the 8th. Freebie on my Peak card @ Vail on saturday.

Most likely cruise over to the Breck for a day and do high elevation turns during the week and go from there.

I'm not giving up on possible freshies just yet, though I see the long range forecast is showing some cooling, but all sun 'til the 5th.

I see Vail Resorts closed more areas at both at Vail and Breck, and Copper has followed suit this AM.

Fingers and toes crossed. 



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