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Heli-Ski vid/a few pixs

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HI All -
Just updated the site with a short quicktime video and some nice shots from my trip to AK.

I'm the jamoke with the silver helmet.

By the way, the new batch of BAD KARMA To Bike Thieves stickers just arrived, so if anyone would like to send along a self-addressed (2) stamped envelope, I'll be sure to take care of Da Bears with a handful of stickers.

Thanks again!
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Nice stuff. Is that AC/DC in your intro?
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WOW!!!!!! That was awesome!!

BTW Senan, Thanks for the stickers! That was such a nice surprise I put one on my bike and will share with DChan and LisaMarie when I see them next month.

Deep yogic breaths...
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Senan -

Love the video. Sweet skiing for sure!

Thanks for the stickers too. The logo is great, excellent work.


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WAHOOO! It's about time we saw some vids from that trip! Great stuff, thanks and congrats again on the big win.
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Sorry for the late response on your great feedback! I appreciate it and YEAHYEAH it was a phenomal trip!
I just got back from another great journey - some beautiful whitewater rafting on the Kennebec River, ME - there's a Turbine Test (dam release) allowing 8,000cfs to run at max flow and WOW, that's a ton of water! 2 of our boat-mates had the (un)pleasure of experiencing the whitewater from outside the boat...within the first 2 minutes of the rapids! It was awesome!
The movie was filmed and edited by Sean Bonderoff @ Toad Hall Studios in BC - he was my co-winner on the contest. Great job on the filming/editing - he sent me an hour long raw footage version and there are some sick shots on that too!
At any rate - home safe - WHERE-TO NEXT?
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