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Help on junior racing skis for newbies.

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Hi all - So my sons, nearly 6 and 9.5, want to start racing next season. Older is average height, 30th percentile weight, strong athlete, low advanced skier who can easily carve behind a level III through the troughs in serious bumps, but still has some issues with speed in chop, keeping his longer radius turns under control. Talked with some racing connected folks who recommended a longish SL (mid to high nose, say 130 cm) for all around at first, it can become a dedicated SL as he grows and wants a GS as well. OK, so brands: Was told that junior racing skis at this length are actually made by same company as adult, begin to show brand-specific fingerprints.  Seemed true from the one's I handled; Blizzards have Magnesium, Heads i tech, so on. So am I correct in assuming that junior Rossi's are flexier than Atomics and so on? Problem is, until now he's been on generic kid's skis than are (I gather) all made by either Elan or Fischer, have "crap foam cores" according to one colorful source. So I don't know what he'd prefer. But while I'd typically wait until he picks a club and ask the coaches, this is the season to buy, obviously, rather than next fall. 


Younger is 90th percentile for height, 50th for weight, looks and skis more like a solid intermediate 7-8 year old. Also strong athlete, but more of a bulldozer. High nose is about 110 cm. 


I know a bunch of you either coach or participate as parents. Any ideas? I sense from the way the older skis and his weight that he'd be happier on a finesse ski, but not sure if that means the usual adult French suspects. Have noted that the younger juniors I see around are mostly on Rossi's, Volkl's, Fischers, and Dynastars, but don't know if this reflects club deals, coaching advice, or just herd mentality. My younger seems more a power skier, but not clear that matters at his ski length. Not sure but appears he'll get stuck on the "crap core" models, yes? 


Appreciate your help.  

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The best thing you should do is go to your local shop that specializes in racing. Your younger son will be on one ski, about his eyebrow. Being under 80lbs. he should not be on a FIS ski. ELAN, OGASAGA, & DYNASTAR ALL MAKE WOOD CORE SKIS FOR HIM. Your older son still, can be on one ski.  what is his wight? Eyebrw for 2 event ski, next year it will be a short sll ski, then just have to get him a gs ski.


If you shop at a shop that has a race program, the skis/ boots will always be below 40% off, any time of year.

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