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Alta Snowbird Sun 3/25/12 - Fri 3/30/12

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Spending the week in LCC (dates in title) skiing Alta, Bird with Mariah, my girlfriend. 


About us.  We're both good skiers with racing backgrounds, and we like to ski fast.  I ski especially straight, and am passionate about smoothing out steep, technical terrain.  Don't mind a little boot packing, but we will not be carrying avy gear (unless we can somehow rent it).  No skins, either.  So there's the specs we're dealing with.


Looks like it might snow Monday, with temperatures becoming milder the rest of the week.


I plan to do a search later to answer some questions I have about the areas. But, in the mean time, I was curious if anyone has any suggestions  (e.g. different exposures to target, snow safety in and around the edges of the resorts), especially considering the expected conditions and current snow pack.


Any suggestions would be muy apreciado.


Also, if by any chance anyone is interested in taking some runs with us, and perhaps showing us around a little, please let me know.  That would make us very happy, and we would definitely be grateful!


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I take it this is you first time to Alta/Bird?  Here is a recent thread to take a look at:




The Unofficial Guide to Alta is well worth reading.  One for Snowbird too.




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Yes, first time... Thanks for sharing those links, will definitely check them out!

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Where else have you skied in the Rockies?  Where do you usually ski?  Where are you staying?

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Jackson Hole, Vail, Copper.  Squaw, Heavenly as well (not quite Rockies).  Of those places, I enjoyed them best in this order: 1A: Squaw, 1B: Jackson Hole, 2: Copper, 3: Vail, 4: Heavenly.  I try to check out different areas each time I travel.  Haven't been out enough to settle on any standbys yet.


Staying at the Peruvian.

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You are about to have a very good time!  biggrin.gif  I would imagine there will be folks at the Peruvian who are regulars and happy to answer questions.


One thing to keep in mind in the afternoon is when lifts close.  Peruvian is on the far side of the Wildcat base parking lot.  While the Collins lift closes at 4:30, the lifts on the other side of Alta close earlier.  So if you are over there and aren't on Sugarloaf before it closes, that means taking the long surface tow rope back to the Wildcat base.  Also, sometimes the return traverse (all downhill) from the top of Sugarloaf is closed if too windy or no visibility.


Have you noticed that the next Epic Gathering is at Big Sky?  I was there for the first time in Feb.  Alta remains my favorite in the Rockies but Big Sky is a solid #2.  More interested in going back there than Tahoe.

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Great tips, much appreciated! Wouldn't wanna be stuck on the rope tow after a long day of skiing...


I wasn't aware the next gathering is at Big Sky.  That's also near the top of the list of places I want to ski.  Would love to go.  Maybe I'll have to make it happen!

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If you do end up going from Albion on the rope tow back to Wildcat, that's not that bad.  Enough of a slope that it's possible to glide more than half way.  But from the end of the tow to the parking lot involves a short walk.  If skiing down from a Collins/Wildcat run, then easy to end up at the end of the parking lot.  That's where the Peruvian shuttle picks up.


Hopefully the date for the Big Sky Gathering will be set soon.

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