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Finally got some inline skates!!

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Hey all,

You'd figure being down here in sunny Texas, I would have bought some well before now. Well, this past weekend, I finally splurged and jumped into the inline skating frenzy.

Bought some sweet K2 Catalyst skates. I've skated before, but this is the first serious step I've taken. I can definitely feel an advantage in my learning curve, thanks to skiing. The balance is similar, and just the overall feel is pretty close.

So, do any of you run drills to practice up for ski season? In addition to some amateur hockey, I plan on taking some large hills slalom style. Here in Austin, we've got plenty of hills, just no snow.

I'm interested in everyone's thoughts on the matter...
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Here's some other advice. Wear appropriate protection - like wrist and knee protectors. I also wear a helmet in case I end up a hood ornament. Also, start with small hills and work your way up first. A green hill (at a ski resort) would be a blue or black with asphalt on it to someone with inline skates.

Have fun. BTW, did you get the snorkel kit (or is Austin not getting inundated like Houston?
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Thanks for the advice, all.

I've been practicing my crossover, starting, stopping, etc. to get prepared for hockey. Took a hill or two yesterday and slalomed it. Very similar to skiing...why didn't I buy these things years ago???

As for Austin, we didn't get a drop of rain from that storm, if you believe it. Houston is over 2 hours away. They're still under water there...
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Very similar to skiing...why didn't I buy these things years ago???

Good question. Inline skating is the biggest bang for the buck. Low equipment cost for good stuff (no need to buy cheap skates), great exercise and excellent training tool for skiing.

Years ago I taught my wife to ski on skates. This was just prior to inline skates so we were on quads. The hot setup was Riedell Classics retro fitted with Variflex plates, Cloud cushions and Krypto's. We spent time in parking lots and on the streets. I used Phil's method sans poles for teaching her to link turns. When winter time came she put on skis and never did a snowplow. She just turned and turned and turned. It was a huge advantage and I've never understood why it isn't used more often.

Several skate instructors have told me that skiing and skating are nothing alike. That they don't translate. I just have to smile.

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...my first year in them too Inester.
Really like what they're doing for the lower body.
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my first year too. Now all I need is more time and a place to skate where I don't have to dodge cars. Like Boston or any other big city San Francisco is not a place to play chicken with the vehicles. Too many idiots driving SUV's that never make it out of the city talking on their cell phones or putting on makeup.

I'm lucky to get 1-2 days a month out on my skates.
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Mee too, first year...ive been told that i should remove the brake from my skate...it will hinder more than help...how many of you skate brakeless??? sounds kinda scary to me...but then my skis have no brakes either.

i have found that stop signs, mailboxes, phone poles (as long as they aren't too splintery) and an occasional unsuspecting pedestrian make excellent braking devices....
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I'm lucky enough to live in a couldesac (sp??), so I can skate around plenty without any traffic. I removed the brake from my skate as soon as I got home with them. Brakes are a waste of space and time. I've learned to stop pretty well by turning sharply either way. Down hills, slalom turns can help slow you down as well...

Yesterday, I found a good slope and started linking turns pretty well and at a fast pace.

God, I miss skiing!!
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wow, i feel your pain in your last lamenting line... Thats what I like about this forum..you people are as insane as I am. Miserably hot here in the northeast..(defintion of "miserably hot"- too warm to maintain snow cover.)I've neer been to austin but I was in Houston in august, man its not only hot there, its SOO FLAT.

think i will take that brake off...i was told i was going to kill myself on that thing and it doesn't really do anything anyway...its only there to lull us newbies into a false sense of security. (oh, i have a brake..i can stop...)

did you use poles when you were linking those turns? it would be nice to find a hill without a major intersection at the bottom of it...

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No poles. I act like I'm carrying poles and imagine making pole plants.

We're fortunate enough in Austin to have plenty of hills here. Which can be dangerous without a proper runout...

I'm heading up to Colorado in a few weeks to breathe in some mountain air. Hopefully, that will appease me until ski season. If not, I'll just stay up there and have a moving company bring my furniture up there!
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Have fun in colorado, im jealous. I hope to get up there this winter..

not sure the mountain air will do much for the sno-jones though, I do alot of hiking in the mountains up here in NH and when I come across a grass-covered ski trail strewn with wildflowers and butterflies and all that summer-type crap, it just about kills me, and I go home with an even worse case of the jones....Its nice and all, i like wildflowers and butterflies, but a ski trail should have SNOW on it!
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