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Ski Building with Bluehouse skis

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Im Fat Yeti Im a regular poster over on TGR figure I would post this here as well. A few weeks ago I get a email from Jared over at Bluehouse ski asking me what I thought of them putting on a ski building class. You get to design and pair of skis/or use there molds, you get two pair of skis out of the class one they help you with and one if you choice to build on your own. The class would last about 8 weeks and would be one night a week for 2 to 3 hours. I thought is sounded cool and I wanted in. So another student and I are int he pilot class to see how it goes. Here is a overview of the first two classes http://skiingyeti.blogspot.com/ please check it out and feel free to coment  or ask questions thanks.

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Hey, welcome, fat yeti and thanks for posting here.  This looks like an awesome opportunity and I would have jumped on it too but the commute would make it difficult.


Man, I really love my BH Maestros.  If I was participating in this class I think I'd come away with a set of stock Maestros and maybe another pair with...... oh geez, I'm not sure what I'd change about 'em... my first thought was an beefier tip and tail but they just slay CO crud.... guess I'd have to meditate a bit on that one.  Maybe a deeper side cut....15m?


How many peeps in the class?  Any talk of using bamboo core material or metal layers?


Keep the posts coming, I'm really looking forward to reading about top sheet production.

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I might be interested in a weekend or three day version of the course.


At least I'd be very interested in reading about your experiences building a ski.



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The class has been great, we went over graphics this week. I will put up a blog post on that. They do have bamboo cores but have deiceded to do Poplar here but Im sure they could do a diffrent core if you wanted it. I don't think they would do a weekend class but I could suggest it especialy if you wanted a full custom ski getting the mold made takes some time. But its some thing they could try if you wanted to make one of there skis.

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Graphics and skis are almost finalized here is a update on my blog http://skiingyeti.blogspot.com/2012/04/ski-grphics-like-its-1987.html

Almost ready to build, if all goes well I should start building this week. I may change up the flex a bit and tail rocker profile a touch but will see. Can't wait.

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Cool, man.  Can't wait to see some pics.


How are you producing your graphics?  What medium are you using?

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