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The (Epic) Bike List: whatcha got?

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Warmer weather has bikes in posts and though many have alluded to their rigs before, in great detail, do it again. Please.
Be as plain and simple or unapologetically over-the-top gearheaded as you like.
Gear ratios? Tire size and types? Pedals? pecial tweaking you've done. Whatever. Bikes you've had, bikes you'd like to have.
Bikes, bikes, bikes....

I have had several bikes in my past, including a Schwinn banana seat, a few decent road bikes, and one mountain bike, at least a few of which were stolen.

I now have one machine, which has been on the windtrainer for a long time now, not on the road since a ride around Lake Tahoe too long ago. I've just gotten accustomed to riding the stationaries at the gym. I simply prefer it to dodging cars and inhaling exhaust.

It's a roadster, '97 SPECIALIZED ALLEZ COMP, silver.

"i am ssssorry, i vill heff to destroy you in zee hillz, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....."
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When I was a kid I had a Schwinn Stingray in metalflake blue...I could do a wheelie for blocks. It had a bananna seat and a slick rear tire...I guess that they are making them again...saw one just like mine at REI.

current ride:
Cannondale Super V 400 in Blue
Not real fancy but it gets me around....don't do wheelies anymore.
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I was very into mountainbiking until a year ago..... guess I just started riding the ones with engines
I've got a Diamond Back Racing Axis R..... Rock shox judy xc's, and mavic wheels.....
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Quintana Roo Kilo with everything standard except Speedplay X2 pedals.

650c wheels, Vredestien tires (25mm), Gripshift shifters mounted on Syntace aero bars.

I'm no longer fast enough or thin enough to justify this rocket
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Got a Trek 5200, Pre Lance version in Copper Ice with Ultegra Triple.

1995 Cannondale 2.8 built with Ultegra double for coommuting and bad weather.

1992 C/Dale M700.

2000 Trek STP 200

Contemplating Moots Vamoots YBB, Campy Record 10 and a DaVinci Tandem for me and my SO.

Got to work off the flab I've built up since my rotater cuff was rebuilt.

Probably not thin or fast enough to justify any of these, but at my age I feel I've earned the right to own the best toys I can afford.


"Do not go gentle into that good night!
Rage, Rage, against the dying of the light!"
Dylan Thomas
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Mountain bike - 1999 Specialized FSR Elite (Big Hit) - Max backbone frame, Marzocchi Jr T fork, Fox Vanilla R rear shock, BETD Swinglink (6" rear suspension), Terry Ti Fly saddle, XT drivetrain, Hayes hydraulic brakes w/ 6" rotors, RaceFace SyStem stem, Specialrise bars, FSA Pig DH headset, Atomlabs Trailpimp platform pedals, ODI grips, Thompson Elite seatpost, DTSwiss Onyx hubs, Sun Rhynolite rims, 15 gauge spokes w/ brass nipples, MAXXIS Highroller 2.5 front tire, MAXXIS MOFO DH 2.35 rear tire.

Road bike - 2000 Lemond Zurich. Pretty much stock except for Speedplay pedal upgrade.

Next bike - 2001 Ellsworth Truth. All XT, Hayes hydraulic disc brakes, Marzocchi Z1 Xfly fork, Fox Float RC rear shock, Terry Ti Fly saddle, Thompson seatpost and stem, Wellgo magnesium platform pedals, Chris King headset, King disc hubs laced to WTB Lazer disc rims.
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I used to have a rust / orange "budgie" with a chopper style seat. I could also do big wheelies on it. One time I was riding along and somehow got my right foot stuck though the spokes of the front wheel. I still remember the pain. The bike just stopped dead and the back end flew over the top and we fell to the ground still entwined in one mass of flesh and metal.

I now ride a black bike. It has one pedal which is broken and scuffes the ground every time it gets to the bottom of the revolution. It's the right on e I think. I've installed one of those fancy new braking systems, where you put one or both of your feet (depending on the speed) on the deck and scrape them along until either you stop or the soles of your feet get uncomfortably hot.

The saddle is black (matches the frame) and is foam with a leather coating. The leather has two holes in it at the back and the foam is always wet so even on hot dry days it looks like your buttocks are both leaking because you squeeze the water out of it.

The clever thing about my bike is that sometimes it changes gear of its own accord. It's rather like Herbie in that regard - a mind of its own. Whilst this can be endearing, it can also be quite dangerous, for example when you go to pull out of a junction onto a busy road and it crashes and bangs and slips and you find you can't get the pedals round and cars skid everywhere. It's quite exciting though.

I don't know what type or size my tyres are, but they are flat and bald if that helps. I have three bent spoke, which makes it look quirky and kind of cool. It makes funny noises whenever you ride it.

I don't ride it very far, to be honest, because it makes me very sore all over.

Pass me a bottle, Mr Jones...
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Primary Mtn bike: 2000 Gary Fisher Sugar 3, Stock setup, XT,LX Front and Rear, Bontrager Wheels and Crank. Manitou SX fork, Ritchie Logic pedals, Avid brakes. Very fun, smooth ride.

Road Bike, New addition to the fleet this year, 2001 Tourlemant, full Tiagra components. fun bike, big change riding on skinny tires.

Commuter/Hardtail bike. 1995 Diamond Back Accent EX, STX/LX drivetrain. Upgraded w/ Avid brakes, Judy XC fork, Ritchey Logic pedals. Treated me well for a lot of years. Now doing duty as the girlfriends Mtn Bike.
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Specialized M2 Road bike. (cc 1996) red (team frame) I just bought this used so I'm still not up on what all the components are but mostly Shimano 105's I'll figure out the rest as I re-learn how to work on it..
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Bianchi Campione, red
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Road Bike-Myata Nine14 SE, Full 105. There are nicer bies out there but it get's the job done.

Race bike -2000 Norco Nitro, Deore/XT mix with 517 rims and a Marzocchi Z4 up front.

Freeride Hardtail-2001 Norco Rampage, XT reat, LX front, Sram shorty rocket shifters and 7.0 cogs. Truvativ Hussfelt cranks and BB. Formula Evolozone disk brakes. Marzocchi Z5 Q/R 20 (130mm/5+inches) Rhinolight rims.

I spend most of my time on my Rampage. It's the kind of bike that you can do anything on.
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2 Bikes,

1999 (purchased new in May 2000) K2 Proflex 4000. Noleen Crosslink front fork (with the useless ELT), Noleen NR rear coil-over. All XT (8 speed rear), w/ rapid fire, except the LX front Derail. Sun Sub IV rims, Panaracer Smoke. The only after market thing I've added is an Easton Aluminum Monkey Bar 2" riser bars, and I upgraded the coil-over spring on the rear shock, to a heavier spring.

My other bike is a Raleigh MT400, hard tail, that I use for commuting. I bought it used out of my ski area's rental fleet. It's a piece o' crap, but it gets me to work okay, and is light due to the 7000 Aluminum frame. The old RS Q5 front shock doesn't work worth a damn. Even on pavement. It's got Shimano STX components, with a 7 speed rear end, canti brakes, and a big rack on the seat post for my bag.
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Fun Bike - Specialized FSR Enduro Pro
XC Racer - Specialized Stumpjumper M2 HT
Wish List - A DH Rig
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Mtn bike=Litespeed Tsali soft-tail with XT and Mavic Crosslink wheels. Just put a Ritchey Speedmax tire on the back which rolls super fast and smooth yet held very well in pea gravel. Gripshift. Most excellent trail machine.

Road bike=Nobilette custom. (http://www.nobilettecycles.com)

This is brand new so I'll drool over the details: True Temper steel frameset with Reynolds Ouzo comp(?...alum. steer tube?) carbon fork; custom 72 degree seat tube angle; Henry James rear drop outs; Campy Daytona 10-speed gruppo; Mavic Open Pro(32 spoke) rims with DT spokes; custom two tone paint job from Rainbow Cycle Craft: metallic "hotwheel" blue on the front to close to the seat tube where the bike becomes black. Very nice. Before I picked it up the guys at the shop (Vecchio's in Boulder) put it in their window and it got a bunch of remarks on how nice it looked.

It is super stiff side to side and smoooooooths the bumps and clinks right out of the pavement. The 10 speed works very well..I dig this cog spread: 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25. That's a 6 speed straight block (for all you flatlanders and old schoolers and English blokes; this is the gearing I had when I began to ride in the mid-80's! heh heh) with some nice climbing gears, esp. that 25. 53x39 chainrings. Vittoria Rubino Pro clinchers wich are smooth rolling so far. Trusty Time pedals, which are heavier than most others but have a large platform for the foot and are bombproof in my exp.

The bike is light and wants to GO MAN GO!!
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ROAD= circa 1976 Guerciotti sp-tubed stage bike set up with same circa campagnolo record gruppo with new hi pressure clinchers on Mavic rims. Only other new part is Syncros road stem.

OFFROAD= Fat Chance Ti (1" headset) hardtail set up for free hard tail with Marzocchi Z-1 front, mixed drive train with mostly XTR, Syncros cranks, BB, setpost and stem. Large (2.5's) panaracer DH tires. This bike is set up for technical climbing and fast descending. I don't go in for sick drops or hucking.
Turner XCE full-suspension with Marzocchi Z-1 in the front and Fox twin clicker in the rear. Gives about 4" in the front and rear for travel. Drive train and accessories like the FAT Ti.

Fat Chance Yo-Eddy set up for single speed with a mixture of syncros and Shimano parts (culled these from my collection). For AZ I didn't want to go rigid fork where I ride so this is set up with a Marzocchi Z-2 (85mm travel). This is also used on technical, steep climbing. Gear set up is 32 front and 18 rear.
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'A' Road Bike - Columbus Altec3 tubing -Wasabi Green in color, Integrated Headset, 1 1/8" Threadless, Cane Creek Headset, carbon fork, Ultegra 9 group, Mavic Open Pro, Easton Carbon Seatpost, Flite, Salsa Stem, Cinelli Bars, SPD's,Michelin's

'B' (rain) Road Bike - Easton Elite Tubing - Brushed finish, Carbon Fork, Easton EA70 Post, Ritchey PRo Bars, Ritchey Stem, SPD's, Ultegra 8 Group, Mavic Reflex, Fenders w/ mudflaps, Michelins.

'97 Maniotu FS - Polished, Bazooka Shock, SX-R fork, Control Tec Stem, CT Bars, Race Face Cranks/Rings, Shimano BB, King Hubs/517 rims/DT Revolution Spokes/AL Nips, XTR Ti cassett, XTR F&R D's, Marinovative Cheap Trick Brakes, Avid Ulitmate Levers, King Headset, Answer/Ringle Post, Flite Saddle, SRAM Attack Shifter, WCS Bar Ends, SPD's, GEAX.

'89 Stumpjumper Comp-black, XT Thumbs, XT F&R D's, Ritchey BB, MRC Steely Danz Cranks, XT Hubs/517 rims/DT DB Spokes/Al Nips, CT Post, Flite Saddle, Avocet Cross K's, ATAC Stem, Scott Carbon bars, Avid Levers, XTR Canti's, King Headset.
Fenders and a Rack. SPD's

Frames laying around......
'95 Manitou FS
'95 Novara Trionfo -Tange Prestige Road Frame
Easton Elite MTB HT
Old C'dale Mtn Frame w/ Tange Switchblade Fork.
Easton Elan Road Frame
'95 Novara Team SL - Prestige MTB

I am as big of a whore with bikes as I am with skis.........

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"I am as big of a whore with bikes as I am with skis.."

Yeah you are!!
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