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My skis ... should I bring them west

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We are planning a trip out west in Feb 2002. We are NE skiers only. Never been out west or experienced the snow. My family could be considered pretty good skiers (everyone is a legend in their own mind) but we are all mountain skiers. We dont do the extreme "butt puckering stuff" but NE steep, bumped, tree filled dbl diamond is what we seek out.

We ski on Salomon 3v's, Atomic Beta 10.18 and Crossmax's.

We plan to ski as much of the mountain as possible. (we have yet to decide on the mountain/resort, but it will probubly be in Colorado) But we will stay within the limits of the resort, on marked trails.

I was just wondering if these boards will work well out west. Or should we plan on renting fats to better experience the snow and terrain.

Thanks in advance.
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Here is my thought.
I go to Aspen, Gorsuch, right under the gondola.
Vail, got your pick all right by the lions head gondola.
Telluride, upper mountain or lower the rentals are right there at the Gondola.
RENT is $$$$, but I change SKI when ever I want, SKI what I want. AND I don not have to drag the stuff around!
Powder in the AM No problem hool up with a great powder ski. Afternoon you want to cruse the corduroy, stop in change to a cruiser. This is the way to SKI. If you are a pro with a TRUCK following you around you get use to this kind of treatment. You and I GOT NO endorsements SO, do the rental, it is like having a TRUCK right at the mountain. PS I bring my own BOOTS, comfort is the way to go. And I buy a pair of poles, cause renting them you pay for em any way in a week! Sometimes I bring my Lekis but mostly I buy some cheap pole, been known to throw em out after the week or month is over! So I can travel light and have a nice flight!
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A few years ago skiers went everywhere with long skinny skis, so there is no reason why your skis cannot work out West. True, there are better skis for big powder and crud, but then there are better skis for bumps too!

Should you decide to take your skis, I suggest that you look into a "FedEx" type of service that comes to your home, picks up your skis and delivers them to your destination (about 30-50 bucks). This way your travel is less stressful.

But I agree with Dr.GO, rent if you can afford it. That will allow you to use the right tool for the job and you get to demo skis that you may want to purchase in the future.
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I usually like to ski on my own skis because they are tuned the way I like them. For most people who don't tune their own skis, finding a good shop that takes care of their demo/rental line renting is a good option. Often there are discounts for multiday rentals and often online deals that will discount even more. That being said, When I go to VT to ski in December, I am planning on renting or demoing. bringing skis for 2-3 days of skiing doesn't really make sense. I'll just carry my boots.
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I have traveled out west three times now in the last 2 years and i have taken my Xscreams every time. there have only been a few days where i wished i had a wider ski, but for the most part they worked just fine. I also prefer to be on my own skis as much as possible. When you ski on your skis you get to "know them" and how they ski. In unfamiliar conditions and unfamiliar terrain this could be helpful. No matter what kind of skis you are on, you will love skiing in the west. Hope you have fun.
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Bring your own skis. If you hit it when there is a big dump you can always rent some powder skis. Most of the time you don't need them.
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By the way, I forgot ... Have a great trip. There are lots of outstanding places to ski in CO, and thats a good time of year to come.
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bring your skis. there's no reason why you would need different ones just for the West. The only equipment change I would make would be if I were going East from my usual Western skiing. Stiffer, hardpack-oriented skis are better in the East. In other words, a ski that performs well in Eastern conditions will be just fine out here. You'll be happier on equipment you already know. In fact, you'll probably find the softer & drier snow to be easier to ski, so the skis actually may feel better to you out here than back home.
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I always bring two pairs... a pair of 68mm waist all mountain skis and a pair of 78mm waist soft snow boards. Whenever I only bring the wider skis, I get lousy conditions. I have a pair of 95mm Volkl heli-skis on the way and I'm now looking for a good triple ski bag.

My opinion... bring your all mountain skis and demo something wider at least once. In the east, you can always buy wider skis for your quiver off season at half price. Now that they're in my quiver, I find I use them a lot. Last year, I think I used my all mountain skis twice after March 1 but Vermont had an unusually good year. When the snow is soft, wide is good.
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Thanks for all the replies. Very helpful, I will take my skies and rent/demo. The reason I asked this questions is becasue I was humbled quite often last year in VT and NH with (at least as NE goes) deep "powder" snow. I couldnt do crap. (Of couse I blame it on the arrow not the indian). Anyway I think a lesson in deeper snow is in order and a wider ski. Thanks again.
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Leave your skis home. With all the new Airline restrictions and baggage problems you would be better to just bring your boots and rent. Also a good way to demo some new stuff. You might get dumped on by the powder gods and want to rent some fatties anyhow. I've been on trips where I've brought two pairs along and not even used them cause I rented powder skis the whole time. Lucky me huh?
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