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Toe Room

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I have some new Dalbello Krypton Pro ID's that were fitted to me by a bootfitter, but since they didn't have them in stock I purchased them from another bootfitter active here.  I did a self liner mold on the Intuitions and skied a half day in quite a bit of pain.  Had the liners remolded (in oven) by well known boot fitter shop on mountain.  He did quite a bit of padding and had me put thick hiking sock over the footbed.  Then I skied some more.  Right foot felt great, but left was numb, especially when on the lifts.


I went back to said bootfitter a second time.  Got a different guy who asked who the heck did my orthotics.  When I responded they did, they decided to recast them as they didn't feel they were supporting my foot.  Liners molded again (in oven), this time with no additional padding (besides toe cap) and my own very think ski sock over orthotic.  Then I skied some more.


This time, things felt pretty good overall.  Was having some severe pain in one spot on the outside of left foot (similar to another post on here I just read).  They punched out the left boot a bit.  Then I skied some more.  Getting much better.  However, my toes were getting cold (and it was NOT cold outside).  At this point, my trip is coming to an end and I don't have time to got back to the bootfitter, so I struggle through it.


Question:  Would there be any downside to stretching out the liners a bit by doing a spot remold myself on the Intutions?  I'm used to having "wiggle room" in the toes on my previous boots, and in current boots (1 finger shell fit), there is none.  Unless I'm skiing and in athletic stance, the boots are fairly uncomfortable and toes are curled, with big toe taking the brunt of it.  I'm okay with that, but seems a little more room (not necessarily length) might help with the warmth?


Am I off base or could there possibly be another issue.

I would like to prevent making too many more stops back to the bootfitter, so was hoping for some easy DIY suggestions.


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bump for clarification:


Is there any downside to creating extra toe room in Intuition liners?

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not really any downside to re-molding the liners,   other then the time needed.  


unless they get screwed up durring molding, or shrink more,

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I was wondering more about just "spot" molding them and creating some additional room in the toe box, but leaving the rest of the liners untouched, as the bootfitter did a fine job with everything else.

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yes,  you can spot heat an area, and just push that out with a broom handle

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I was thinking of heating up the toe and just remolding that with a thicker toe cap, padding.


Again, any downside in performance to going that route?  I asked the bootfitter if he would create more room when he molded, but he said I wouldn't need it.  In my old boots, I had quite a bit of up/down wiggle room for the toes, which seems to help with warmth.


Intuition liners + spring conditions = cold = problem imo.

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