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Hope This Helps?

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Mark was just flaming someone on another type of forum. He ended his post with the phrase "Hope this Helps", which he said that in "internet speak" is a means of indicating sarcasm. At this I was horrified, because I never realized that. And I think of every time I've written a complex fitness post, where I ended with "hope this helps" , because I sincerely did. So seriously, if I've ever said that to any of you, I wasn't being sarcastic, just clueless.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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It really depends on the context.

I've often seen it used with sarcastic intent, where what the poster is saying is "this is really obvious you dunderhead" but is trying to be polite on the surface.

For example, if one saw a post that said:

"I've been skiing for only two years and my teacher is the only teacher who can teach anything, she blows the doors off all you CWAJGA jerks!",

one might be tempted to reply,

"Perhaps you might try skiing a few years more, and taking instruction and advice from some of the masters here. Hope this helps."

(not that anyone would ever post anything so farcical)

In my case, I was over in a Home Theater geek forum where someone who had owned a Replay (Personal Video Recorder - one of the Hard Disk TV records that pause live tv, automatically record your favorite shows, let you watch one show while recording another show or wind back live tv, yada yada yada...) started a thread by "sweetly" asking, (paraphrase follows)

"I've had this for 1 1/2 years and I think I know how it works, but I'm confused about what it did when I tried this feature for the first time. I don't think that's how it should work; can anybody help me understand it?"

Well about 10 people jumped in to help him understand it. They wrote serious, intelligent posts that were quite accurate, and explained this person's misconceptions about his system.

The original poster then came back on, got very testy, accused everyone who tried to help him of being off-topic and having poor reading comprehension. What chutzpah!

So I dove it, and actually wrote a quite informative post, trying to explain the same concepts as everyone else had, but perhaps with some different terminology and from a different angle. Since as we all know here at EpicSki, there are different teaching methods for different people's learning styles, right?

Anyhow, after all this, I did mention that he had turned on all the other people who had helped him, and I did reiterate that their answers to him were correct. If he still didn't understand it, he should re-read his manual. Then I added "Hope this helps". (Actually "Hopefully this helps" just so it wasn't the standard form of the internet cliche).

In this usage, I intended the HTH to carry the aforementioned context.

Anyone still reading this, who wants to see the post in question, can go to <a href="http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/Forum13/HTML/004921.html" target="newpage">the thread<a> here at the Audio Visual Forum avsforum.com in the "Replay TV" area. Or if you're interested in these gadgets (PVR, HDTV, etc.) avsforum is a great place to get info.

Replay is how we got all those episodes of "Skiers World" and all the World Cup races automatically recorded of OLN this past season, so we always had some Ski TV to watch.

HTH<FONT size="1">

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Relax Lisamarie,

You have great credibility and sincerity with us.After all if you are going to be "Brave in your Body," so luck will stay with you"...Happiness has to be part of the equation.

So relax and be happy. Don't sweat the small stuff, unless of course there is some entertainment value.

BTW I hope this helps

Ok...I sincerely hope this helps !!<FONT size="1">

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Thanks Wink, I needed that. Since you've been over at "the other board" you see that things I've been saying lately have been offending people unintentionally. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't offending anyone with that phrase.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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...Hoping this helps...

Mark, once again I'm filled with concern. I can see your spending lots of time at the "other" forum. Worse, your getting further and further away from what's held as the norm of public conversation. I mean we'd need a fusion laser to penetrate the dialogue on that forum. If you spend too much time there how will you talk with us? Or others?

(I'm glad the poster with the name "TomCat" doesn't actually fly the F-14 because we'd all be in trouble.)

[those who don't know what CWAJA is can look at Mark's post here: (6/8,10:21am and Tog at 3:57pm) http://www.epic-ski.com/ubb/Forum2/HTML/000710-3.html ]

BTW. Your use of the CWAJGA acronym shows that you're from the Boston area. The "Can't We All Just Get Along" ski school officially prefers to use only the letters CWAJA for their acronym. I know that technically this is not correct (which -is- disturbing) but they have "good reason" for it.

CWAJA can be pronounced "Kwah-jah". This is necessary so that in their commercials Jennifer Aniston amidst a pack of kids can look cute, throw up her hands while shaking her head, smile and say "Kwah-jah..it..just...works!". See "Kwah-jehgah" just doesn't have that nice cute ring to it. Everything about CWAJA has to be cute.

What does Kevin think of this? Well the big guy says in a serious tone, "Ya know... if Jennifer likes it...well then...it's good enough for me!" (At this point he jumps up into the saddle and rides off. He was actually only having a conversation with a reporter but seemed to think someone was filming him.)

This acronym thing caused a bitter dispute between the Cambridge, MA camp and the California contingent. The Cambridge camp just did not think dropping the 'G' was right AT ALL. However, the Cali camp is -far- larger and they've got the publicity machine so they went ahead with the drop. To the Cali camp it was a total no brainer, anything that makes a better sounding commercial needs to be done and quick.
A comment from one of the Cambridge group leaked out at the time: "Once again spacey Californians are butchering our culture and language like some roving band of teenagers. Thank god they've still got good engineers there or we'd have to put a LITE symbol on the flag."

Just so you know, Jennifer's seaweed ad was pulled. She said "I just don't know what they were thinking when they ran that! I had nooo idea" Apparently the publicist was the same one for the Pierre Hotel in NYC. They're the ones who thought publicizing that Mayor Giuliani spent some nights there with his mistress was good for the hotel.

"CWAJA" is back on track now with a much cuter Aniston commercial. Of course Costner's ad remains the same since it's always been tough cute.

till next time...

lisamarie, I wouldn't worry I doubt people thought you were being sarcastic. Just nice. <FONT size="1">
<FONT size="1">

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I didn't think anyone would be able to make me laugh today {wait a minute, its tommorow already, oh well}. I should have known that you could!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Just had an idea. When Mark and I do "Our Dinner with Mink and Chan" in San Francisco, we can debate the different acronyms for CWAJGA vs CWAJA.

Even though we live in Brookline instead of Cambridge, Brookline is pretty PC, and hey I work in Cambridge.

Mark will probably want to keep the G, because that would give the word a "shh" sound "CWAjsiaaaah. Like the way those strange science fiction characters talk in Earth Final Conflict.<FONT size="1">

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perhaps I'll give you talking points for your "meeting". Of course representing both sides ought to be interesting...
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Ah!! But where do your loyalties lie?
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