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Beer League Ski Length

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Hello All,

I will be participating in a beer league GS next year and plan to purchase a set of Dynastar Speed Course Ti skis.  I demoed them in a 172 length and thought they were great.  I am wondering, though would the next size up be better suited for running the gates?  I am 150# and 5 ft 8 in.  Thanks for your input!

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It would depend on your ability level and the course set/pitch.  If you're a strong racer you could handle something a little longer but that's a size I like at 5'8" and 170 lb..   We have the Course TI in stock in 165 and 171.


I used the 171 as a NASTAR pacesetting ski one weekend a few weeks ago and really liked it.

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If you are a good racer and/or skiing steep hills you might want to go a size longer.

If you are new/ not good/ or skiing flat hills the shorter ski will work better.

Its pretty simple, and too short if you are good or too long if you are not are both bad. My two cents; you know your ability so hopefully this helps you make a choice.

Ill also say that in cm what sounds like alot (say 7 cm) really isnt very long
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Ability is the major X factor here.  Have you raced before?


I am 5'9" 175.  I race on some Jr gal's recycled Fischer 175cm GS skis 23m.  They work well in the beer league course (pitch-flat-pitch 30seconds)  at Wachusett.  Next year I am going with 180s.


Depending on set and conditions, 172 would work but would be a bit short compared to many of the racers on my teams. If you are a dude at 5'8" 150# you are either A: Real skinny or B: Really fit and strong.  If you are a woman, then you are C: tall and strong (My kind of gal!)


If B or C, you should be able to easily bend the 172s. If the course is real GS style, longer tends to run a bit faster esp on the flats.  If tight beer league style, shorter runs tighter with more margin for error.  You MAY even want to consider a SL ski. I know a lot of Nashoba guys/gals run a SL ski. (But that is not GS)


Otherwise, for a new (?) racer - look for a 21-23m radius.  27 is not very fun.  Might be hard to find a GS "race" ski shorter than 175.  That said, DO NOT RULE OUT A JR SKI!!  Guy I coach with swears by them and he is bigger than I am.


Finally - for GS - get a suit.  On a 30 second course, it makes a 1-1.5 second diff.  This is a LOT.


Where are you racing?

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Thanks for the very informative reply.  I hope to be racing in the Wachusett league.  Trying to put a team together, but having a difficult time to get people to commit.  I may end up signing up as an individual, requesting to be placed on a team. I have not raced before but have run the course at Wachusett on my twin tips and did a 30 second ish run.


I am on the thin side, and like to ski fast.  This season led to rediscovering skiing fast on the front side as there was not much for glade skiing!  So I have tried a pair of older Dynastar Ski Cross 10's with an aluminum binding plate at 177 and the Speed Cross demo at 172.  Both felt like they had no speed limit and were a blast even on blue ice.


I have been considering the Speed Cross as their radius is 15-17, have gotten great reviews, and from reading on this site have been led to believe the shorter radius would be good for a course like Wachusett's.  I certainly did not overpower them on the steepest/iciest runs at Loon.


I appreciate the tip regarding the race suit.  I will also look at the junior race skis, but am concerned with overpowering them with even my weight of 150#.

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The other consideration is go with a FIS ski with the Womens R of 23m, Stiff but a cheater ski for the guys, Alternatively go with a GS TI ski (civi version of the GS race skis)  Example Dynastar Speed Course Ti since you already like the the Dynastar (17m radius I believe).


One of the stores has a write up on both (interesting read).


I'm 6'0" 165lbs and ski the GS FIS ski at 176 R23m.  Love it.  Set the bindings about 5-6mm forward turning is amazing and you can site back to jet out of the turn, best of both worlds, short nimble and rock solid.


Don't worry about the ht as much but the strength you can apply.  I've read somewhere that the Female GS skiers actually ski the guys skis for the extra speed (because they have the strength to do so), we mortals who don't get the training can do with a little less length unless you get lots of hill time (some of the epic members fall under this group).


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