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Nice to be in first place on July 4. Must be a birthday present for George Steinbrenner. Bern, baby, bern...Yankees win...the-e-e-e Yankees win.

Oh, and nice to see Ripken beat out Bell for 3B; since the various candidates weren't all that impressive, the sentimental went with the best choice -- a swan song for Cal. Heck, even I voted for Cal (I think).

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This thread came up and I saw your post about playing catch. My son is 3-1/2 and loves it. I was amazed to see how well he can hit a ball too. Even when it is pitched to him. I've never been much of a team sport freak, but I did play ball. Just last summer I went to a used store, got 3 mitts, a couple balls and went to see my dad and we played catch. It was great. He used to play minor league ball with plans to go further when he had to go off to war. He still has his old catcher's mitt. It looks like a smoked ham with a sort of depression in the middle. Playing catch is a good thing...

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Yeah Roto - playing catch IS a good thing. And y'know what? After a month or two of throwing 4 or 5 times a week, this 52-year-old arm is starting to regain some of its old zing!

BE the skis!
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So...nice to see Joe Torre and Bobby Valentine making a sham of the all star game. What is in the water in New York? 7 Yankees? No Cliff Floyd? It's a disgrace to baseball.
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all-star game's been a joke for awhile. one, hard if not impossible to please everyone. someone deserving is always going to be left off. there ARE politics involved. and mega-sized egos. probably contractual incentives enter in for a few players. that you HAVE to have someone from EVERY team is...questionable. it's a long list.

anyway, dodgers have won nine in a row and the mariners are comin' up.

yankees beginning to roll?

ANYWAY, the game's taken the nba's lead and turned it into a kind of carnival. a bigger, multi-day "event." the home run contest, etc. and the competition itself has been toned down. no one's gonna get hurt, the drive to WIN the game has been mellowed. (you won't see pete rose crashing into ray fosse at home plate, ending fosse's VERY promising career, by the way.)(should rose be in the hall of fame?)

now it's a showtime love-fest, with the kuh-zillionaires and their entourages, etc. not sayin' bad or good, but it HAS changed.

am anxious to see the media buzz in seattle with the japanese press and the whole Ichiro thing goin' on. should be crazy. a few cameras.

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I have to disagree a little - I think the MLB all star game has retained some of the class, as well as a semblance of competition, that the other league's games have long lost. Yeah, the home run contest takes away from it, but the game they had at Fenway a couple of years ago was great - all of the players lining up to shake Ted Williams hand was a fantastic baseball moment.

The process definitely needs to be changed as to how the team is selected - the players and coaches from the league should have more of a say in the whole thing.

This Yankees run is killing me....just as the Sox lose half their team (not making excuses...) the Yanks win 7 in a row. The All Star break can't get here soon enough. It should be a good second half - The M's have it locked up, but the Indians, Sox, Yankees, and Twins have a nice race going.
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Oops.. double post

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I think the fans usually do a pretty good job with the voting. Who would you replace on either of the starting lineups? With the exception of Ripken, who got a late surge when he announced his retirement, the fans got it right. And look what happens when the "pros" pick 'em-Joe Torre picks seven Yankees-and Bobby Valentine's feud with Cliff Floyd kept him off the team.
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It's 8 in a row for the NYY. Some of y'all seem to be echoing the attacks lodged on the NYY site but most of the posters there just wanna lodge insults and whining. All of Torre's choices have legitimate reasons based on last year's success as well as the current season's performance. Bernie has been on base for 39 straight games and was player of the month for June; avg. c. .325. Posada was leading the team in RBIs, hitting over .300 also; no other catcher besides Pudge has similar offensive #s. Rivera and Clemens require no defense. Pettitte, despite the DL spell, has an ERA under 3 and could still win 20.

Stanton and Jeter seem questioned the most, but there #s are at least as good, if not better, than the alternatives presented plus we're talking about the guy who held back the A's in game 5 last year, then the MVP of both the All Star game '00 and the WS. Funny in all the alternatives presented (e.g., Wakefield) no one bothered to mention that Josh Towers of the O's had similar #s until tonights loss. Still, Wakefield is an unlikely 20 game W starter and other relievers had lower ERAs so he got squeezed.

If the M's fans wanted/expected Torre to pick their catcher/3B-man or LFer they are living in la-la land.


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I'll agree with Clemens, Petite, Bernie and Posada. They are all having all star seasons and deserve to be there. Rivera, Stanton, and Jeter - no way. They got in because of their manager. Rivera is not having a year like he used to. What about Sele? Wakefield?

Wakefield desevered it far more than Stanton - look at their numbers side by side. Besides, being a lefty reliever at Yankee Stadium and having a low ERA isn't that tough. Heck, any middle reliever doesn't deserve it - Quantrill made it becasue a Blue Jay had to - they pitch in specialized situations a lot of the time which helps their stats.

The M's deserved the 6 players (7 if maybe Sele got picked) - they are on pace for 120 wins. The Yankess are 1/2 game in front of the Sox and shouldn't have 7 players going.

The fans did a good job in the end - but they don't pick the reserves. The point of letting all of the players vote is take away stupid grudges (Mr. Valentine) or personal bias (Mr. Torre).
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Rivera has 28 saves right now, just 2 (I think) behind Sasaki. ERA is under 3.00. While he's not ALWAYS been Mr Automatic like he is in the postseason, I think that's owing to his overwork and that he experiments a bit in the regular season. He's the all time best closer in postseason and his numbers right now make him at worst the second best closer in the league; Sasaki was also named to the team.

You seem to be comparing Rivera to Rivera rather than the other AL closers, which again should be a testiment to how good he is.

Sele has had a very hard time in the past month. Like I said, I think Wakefield got squeezed out in that he's neither a top starter nor top reliever; his numbers (W-L and ERA) were like Towers' before last night's loss.


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my question is...

where's Boog Powell in all this. Big power (no speed, so what?) and great BBQ ribs. That he's left off is the biggest travesty.
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Not a good starter? His ERA is second in the league! The only better ERA is Pedro.. and his ERA was under 2.00 as a reliever - in fact his numbers as relief pitcher were more than comparable to Stanton's.
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HEY!!!!!!! Don't go bringin' facts into this.
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and just how do YOU know about Boog's Beef?


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i happen to have it on excellent authority. best sight i ever saw back in the 70's when teams lost their heads and brought in the ugliest uniforms in the history of sports (think houston astros first, and the white sox in SHORTS...) was boog with the indians in that scarlet red uniform. he'd gained a little MORE weight by then and in that uni looked like a big corpuscle out there at first.


actually, john, there's a fed-ex guy that comes into the office everyday, from baltimore. ALWAYS talkin' orioles. (could NOT shut him up after the ravens' season last year.) last week he's was talkin' about how fast the players used to get the hell outta the old stadium, back in the days of grich and belanger and hendricks and THAT DANG PITCHING staff (hey, who DIDN'T win 20 for the O's back then).

i miss seein' earl throwin' hissy-fits <FONT size="1">

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...and Rick Dempsy during rain delays!

I wonder what sort of show they'll put on for Cal at his last home game? Remember, Cal was there in '83 with that whole group to win the Series. Eddie Murphy is still the full time 1st base coach. Palmer is still calling their games, Boog is there all the time, etc. Hopefully they'll do right by Cal, and really make a party of it.

edit: I'll leave my screw up in there, so as not to make the following posts useless. Yeah, I meant MURRAY, not Murphy! Geez!<FONT size="1">

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man, if eddie murphy IS a coach, they gotta have one loose buncha guys.

(eddie MURRAY, for what it's worth, one of the greats in my book. no talk, just gettin' the job done.)

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gawd! Did I actually type Murphy? Yeow! Yeah, I meant Murray. It's friday and my fingers are tired.
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Vt skier,

I said "top" starter not that he wasn't a good starter, meaning that he didn't have a great shot at winning 20 with 6 wins. Pettitte now has 9. He's in part a victim of versatility and the fact (as I've heard it said) that knucklers don't get the same respect as other pitchers. He's like a spot starter made into a semi-permanent one from injuries; you cannot deny that. That fact put his stats in a no man's land and as I said I think he was squeezed out by starters with more wins and relievers with more impressive ERAs.


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Was visiting friends in Portland ME this weekend and took in a minor league (AA) game between the Portland Sea Dogs and the Trenton Thunder at Portland's Hadlock Field (cap. 7,000). It sure wasn't Fenway, but what a lot of fun!

BE the skis!
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I've seen both of those AA teams when they've played the O's AA team, the Bowie Baysox. I really enjoy the AA games. Good ball, cheap, close to home, and you sit RIGHT THERE. None of that nose-bleed, cheap seats crap.

(no offense Cheaps )
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How about that All Star game? And my man Cal hitting one out in his final All Star game. And the little tribute to Cal and Tony Gwynn was cool. Did you see the 3rd base with the #8 on it that they used and gave to Cal? A class show they put on. He might be 41 and leaving after this year, but he's still got game.
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a nice moment. kind of a perfect "cal" episode, i thought.

also, wish i could see Ichiro play more often. he gets down the line okay, that's for sure.
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What's a Yankee???............

Same as a quickie...But a guy can do it himself!
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Echoing many Sox fans....

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