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Whistler TR + where to go on Powder Day???

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Just had an amazing first day at whistler, it`s our first time here and the sheer size and vertical is enough to overwhelm you. But on top of that we had a bit of a powder day with 12cm reported but there was definitely more in some spots. 12cm was a big powder day coming from the east this season... but tomorrow we are supposed to get a real powder dump with 35cm coming our way. We have only skied Harmony ,Symphony, and the Peak today. We loved Harmony but then again it was our first two runs and no one was there at 9:00. We also loved Symphony we did it in the afternoon after lunch and it was amazing, Rhapsody Bowl was amazing and barely tracked lucky and there were powder stashes everywhere in the glades. We didn`t actually like the Peak all to much, Whistler Bowl was completely over tracked with terrible moguls and the light was brutal we could barely see the run. The end of the run was good on shale slope lots of powder to the left. A long day of skiing took a lot of us but overall was amazing. 


Now with tomorrow getting so much snow, where should we go? Symphony, Harmony, Peak, 7th Heaven, Glacier Express, or Crystal. List them best to worst if you want (if it`s hard just give the pros and cons of them) on criteria of Crowds, Terrain , and personal opinion of course. We are pretty advanced enjoying most of the blacks haven`t ventured into the double blacks may go may not. 


As well being solid on blacks are we good enough to go into spanky`s ladder or save it for another trip.





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yes i was up there sunday and also had great conditions (heck it seems BC, Alberta and Washington are among the best in the world right now, conditions wise, for popular resort skiing).


congrats on discovering whistler...supposed to have some sunshine this wk a few days after the big dump as per this often very accurate site (which you can modify for any number of resorts)



....once you're atop any of the bowls on a clear, sunny blue skey day, ie atop whistler bowl, or on  harmony (or on 7th heaven on blackcomb) it's just jaw droppingly stunning.eek.gif


while i'm not an experienced powder guy, from my experiences at the mtn there are bowls off of symphony (keep to your right) that people hike up to.... (suggested to me by a mtn host on a tour) http://media.intrawest.com/whistler/trailmap/index.html?int=banner-nonflash_mapbtn_101807


...plus people often hike up the ridge just to the left off of jersey cream on blkcomb...or ask the 'mtn' hosts that reside near the lodgehouse up top....of course there is the blackcomb glacier too



lastly also found this 'secret stashes' via a google search...http://www.whistler.com/blog/post/2011/12/05/Whistler-Skiing-Secrets-7-top-spots-and-stashes.aspx


hopefully you'll get more helpful results than what i can provide ...but hey i tried..



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I skied yesterday too, 12 skiing more like 20 in a lot of places and most of the mountain was empty. I know what you mean re whistler bowel, can be a bit of a shit show, did fresh tracks and they had the peak open by 0830 so was lucky to get in 4 runs before anyone even turned up. I imagine tomorrow will be busy, from what I saw didn't look like any of the Whistler alpine opened today except the tbars. Glacier on blackcomb usually is the first alpine lift to open and usually the quietist, was open today bit helpfully it will reset with more snow tonight. I usually avoid 7th and Harmony, especially after 1030ish (although I do mostly only get to ski weekends with the rest of the citiots). If you liked Rhapsody bowel, be sure to ski the blackcomb glacier (boot pack off top of Showcase tbar) and if you feel adventurous the gem stone bowls via spanky's ladder boot pack (skiers left of top of glacier chair, look up to your left when you get to the flat bit after the glacier to see the terrain). Ruby bowl (drop into first bowl and head left) is the easiest. These are rated double black but sounds like you should be fine. Couloir extreme and Pakalolo are two nice couloirs around glacier chair, sometimes a bit tricky to get in though. Trees skiers right off crystal a little way down ridge runner are nice if you get there early but be careful not to go out of bounds if you don't know where you're going. Enjoy, tomorrow will be a good day, I hope you weren't just asking for today...

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Honestly I would spend the money on Extremely Canadian if you have the chance, best way to learn the mountains.

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We had an unbelievable powder day with 12cm coming down before the lifts opened and another 13cm coming down throughout the day. Unfortunately 7th heaven, the peak, symphony, harmony, and the glacier were closed. But running a couple laps on Excelarator Express at 8:30 was unbelievable with knee deep powder all the way down and throughout the day the glades were extremely deep being barely tracked and drifting snow into the trees. One run off Glacier Express was enough with -16c temps and howling winds and zero visiblity at the top. It was extremely cold and unpleasant. But with probably 30cm of powder up their I can`t complain to much but being barely skiable we sticked to the mid-section and crystal chair for the rest of the day. The Glades were unbelievable and made up of most of my day. Some parts were easily 1 to 2 feet deep and UNTRACKED. 


With all the good areas being closed yesterday, today should be unbelievable they are calling for sunny conditions and it should be untracked right??? 


I`ll put some pics and videos up later as it`s one day of skiing to the next and i`ve been barely able to watch them so organizing them is kinda not there yet. 

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