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No wonder all the new ball parks ahve so amny diversions. thank g-d for instant replay, I can read, and if anything importnt happens, I haven't missed it.

The Detroit Tigers are sometimes hot, often not. No riviting star. Todd Jones, last years top notch reliever, just doesn't have it this year, Higgenson is Ok, and the rest well they are... just the rest. The new ballpark seems to be working out just fine, and that's really the enticement to want to see a game or two.

Oh well......yaaahhhhhhhnnnnnnn.
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Seattle may have a great record - but they play 19 games each against a terrible AL West. New York, Toronto and Boston get 19 against the Devil Rays and Orioles, but have to beat up on each other. I'll give you the M's are easily the team to beat right now, but a five game series against the Sox or Yankees will be tough to win.

Lisa - Any thoughts on Wells to the Sox? A 38 year old overweight big mouthed lefty who just happens to own a sparkling record against the Yankees? $10 M more to a $100M payroll? I say they pull the trigger, even if it is just to stop Stienbrenner from bringing him back (that talk may be just to force the Sox to pay more..but can they risk it?). It's been 83 LONG years and this could be the best shot they've had since 76. I'll take Pedro, Nomo, Castillo, Wells vs. Clemens, Mussina, Hernendez and Pettite. Everett and Wells in the same club house would be interesting.

I agree on the Carbo shot..it might not get remembered, but it was HUGE.
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well... I'm not joining this discussion.... I'm wakeboarding,chillin, working out, working, going on vacations...... and, ooh!! SKIING!!!!
Knust dåkk der ja!!!

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hey guys--

I really don't like baseball either (maybe because my ex plays it...) meh...

anyhow, when the summer time rolls in and the snow melts, I do a bit of mountain biking, rodeo kyaking, and a LOT of sailing. I like to take raod trips with my buddies to my lake house where we can schill far away from civilization...ahhhhh
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