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Summertime hobbies?

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My summer time passions are,
Archery and Scuba diving.
the others are year round. Wine tasting, Wood working, Gardening, cooking, computers, fixing up the house and helping my wife with her photography.
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Two words: The Yankees. (Alternatively: What Dissertation?)


Dante non ha mai immaginato questo cerchio dell'inferno!
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Two better words: The Mariners!!
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Summertime hobbies?

So what do you guys enjoy doing over the summer? i tinker with cars, work on friend's auto sound systems, swim, and camp what about you guys?

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the two BEST words: RED SOX (and FIRST PLACE.)

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You are so right Ryan - has there ever been a sweeter sentance uttered? Let's just hope we'll still be saying it in October.
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sans Nomar, in case that hadn't been noticed. Anyone see Manny's BOMB the other day?
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Gonna have to agree with Ryan.. Red Sox.

Although that is not my #1 summer time hobby. Let's see, in the summer I (in order of time spent):

- think (actually obsess) about skiing - a LOT
- get ready for, and then start playing, fantasy football (my second obsession)
- TV / movies (majorly action and sci-fi)
- Work out
- Travel (where it's sunny!)
- do some other fun stuff on and off; mountain biking, hiking, etc..

However, I will go on the record, hopefully I will be able to say next year that I ski in the summer (planning on a Whistler summer camp then, maybe Chile the year after).
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Yankee Trivia:

The Yankees actually held the mortgage on Fenway Park.

Does 1918 ring a bell........?

The curse of the Bambio?

and ........ no-more .... er Nomar, is actually Roman (dads name) backwards.
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That shot was amazing... it made Bichette's 420 footer to center field look small!

As for last night...maybe if Jimy would stop eating paint chips in the dugout he would have left Pedro in and we would have won.
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Oh yeah, this thread was about summer hobbies..

Let's see.. beyond the Sox of course..

A lot of fishing - both freshwater and salt, but no fly fishing yet.

Football and (soon) softball leagues..if anyone is a member of Boston Ski and Sports Club we've probably played together.

The rest of the time is spent at the beach or in the gym ... that and trying to make up all the time I spent this winter on the mountain to my non skiing girlfriend.
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The Mariners!!
ryan, I was too busy watching Brett Boone hit two homeruns and get 7 RBIs to beat the Texas Rangers and Pay-Rod.
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you guys sure are missing Griff, A-Rod and Randy J., huh? What's the lead now, almost 20 games? Damn.

did i hear the feeble scratchings of a yankee fan somewhere above. so much bombast.

Vt. SKier,
i think Jimy's concern is Pedro's arm in August and September. <FONT size="1">

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How could anyone talk about the Yankees Or the Red Sox when the Mariners are clearly going to win the world Series this year look at the numbers no body can Argue with these kind of stats best team average best Era mots runs scored per games and a 42 and 12 record Ide like to see anyone beat them out...
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Right.......... it's hard to compare .782 ball with.... .580. The Yanks are clearly in fifth. Still, so much hinges on who you have played to date and this early rotation has been unbalanced. It can go either way.
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We shall see...just a reminder that the last time the Yanks visited Seattle they took 2 of 3, and the weakest starting pitcher, Hernandez, shut down Ichiro's hit streak.

You really think Boone is going to play over his head all year. Gee, I don't remember him having a good WS with the Braves.

Yanks only won 87 games last year and still took the WS. Maybe they don't want it enough right now; dunno. But I wouldn't count them out in June. Surprised there is no Philly support here...yet.

No bombast needed for the three-peaters, even if they got hammered last night. (**it happens.)

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allz i'z gottsta sayz iz they'z a loooooong wayz to go, y'allz.
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Hernandez. Your weakest starting pitcher? Oh yeah, he did shut down Ichiro's streak. You don't mention that he had to hit him in the back with a pitch to do it. And whose streak was he preserving when he did that?

jd <FONT size="1">

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go giants?
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y'all gettin' caught up in the barry bonds STUFF? too bad he's made himself so easy to dislike. (but i don't think the giants care too much about that while he's turning 90 mile-an-hour gas into missiles plunkin' down in McCovey cove.)
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Lisakaz, Maybe you can refresh my memory. What happened when the Mariners played the Yank$ at Yankee $tadium this year? Maybe we will find out that money doesn't always produce the best team.
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MY PREDICTION (and this is NOT to cast aspersions or tweak anyone's beak, so don't take it all personal-like, mmmkay?)

IF the yankee$ are struggling, steinbrenner will tantrum out - come on, you KNOW he will - 'cause his toy might be broken. he'll start blaming people and embarrassing players, and the NY press, brilliant vultures all, will start floatin' crap about torre being on thin ice. it'll all implode and BOOM, chaos in da bronx.

IF it gets to that point, i hope torre walks rather than takes george'$ crap.

but make no mistake, long way to go, and, on george'$ PLUS side, he WILL deal if he thinks the machine needs new parts.

and as far as being 52 and 10 or whatever, that don't mean JACK when the playoffs roll around. and IF the yankee$ DO get in, they still have a VERY formidable pitching staff, even though rivera'$ been gettin' hit HARD. in the playoffs, esp. a short series, pitching is almost EVERYthing.

check back in mid-august; we'll have a much better idea after some shaking-down.

and yes, the M's are quite for real.



cal, jr? mmmkay.<FONT size="1">

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and you thought you were gonna get stuff besides all this baseball crap.

do you get SPEEDVISION? d'ya ever watch the touring car races? all things running and racing from ford fiestas, to toyota celicas, to the beemers and the 911 run-offs.

"call your cable operator today."
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not really. I don't really follow baseball by team. I just sit across the street from pacbell park. I enjoy a good game but don't really get into the team rivalry. That's just me. I admire the level of play and marvel at the abilities of the athletes and the way the teams work together. That's about it.
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...and baseball is BORING to watch. SAY IT!!!!
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Ichiro going 0 for 3 had nothing to do with being hbp in his FOURTH AB (and it was hardly intentional; some fans stupidly suggest somehow that Hernandez didn't want to pitch to him, which in that game situation was totally bogus, as if his measly 20+ game streak was somehow challenging a record of consequence). Also, going 0 for 1 in a PH role is enough to kill a streak, even if it's a SF. Ichiro hardly was "robbed," esp. as the extra inning situation gave him an extra AB. As I recall, he had a pretty quiet series, too, not just that one game. I'm still not convinced he won't be another Hideki Irabu, either, or a slightly better version thereof, who doesn't have the stamina to sustain his productivility for 162 games.

Never said my team was unbeatable, just that they may not be all that inferior to the Mariners (as some rabid fans suggest), and come October, they have shown the ability to put together good runs as in the last 3 years, including having beat the Mariners in the playoffs. (Do recall the example of the Braves having the best regular seasons and usually NOT winning the WS; didn't the Giants take that honor last year? Sorry but I can see Sasaki as hittable and pulling some Mark Wohlers theatrics.) In short, the Yanks are the WS champs till someone knocks them off. They showed some weaknesses vs. the A's last year, but there was no knock-out punch, be it luck or survivalibility.

On that regard, they don't owe me spit; I've enjoyed this run greatly since '96 (even if Sandy Alomar sent us home in '97) and recognize that I may never have such good fortune again (I like the Giants, not the 49ers). I survived the Donnie years without a title, so if/when they ultimately don't win, I can deal with it.

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me thinks someone doth know her stuff.

anyway, we'll all know more after the mid-season trading is done. yankees are dangerous because they have talent to spend to get whatever they might need. a very deep roster, though not as deep as in the past.

and you're right. the yanks are world champs till they ain't no mo'. i mean, NOMO.
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Ha! Ryan,

You think Nomo will hold up, yes? I dunno. Some have suggested that the NL to AL switch may have temporarily helped him (along with the "new" strike zone). We see.

Just like I'm waiting to see what Pauly's got left in the tank. He's very funny; I had the chance to see the O's pound them last night (from RF) and he's practicing hitting in the OF. Considering I had a real good view of his backside, a lot of his mannerisms/maneuvers were very interesting. This means, if you saw the Brady Anderson HR, it was hit WAY over my head (I was in the first row on the main level; that blast was well into the upper deck).

Been a NYY fan for c. 25 years. Decided I liked them losing to the Reds in '76 more than I liked the Big Red Machine. Never looked back. Never got a NYY assignment, though. When I worked in the Newsday sports dept, they sent me to Shea (Mets; this was 1986, though). Isn't much about team sports I don't know, though a lot of it is old stuff from the way back machine. Damn kids want to tell me about Pedro and that he was so much better than Pettitte last year, but don't tell me about his year when Pedro didn't win no 25 games like Ron Guidry did in 1978 (ERA was 1.74). He was my favorite player, too. Don't have one now, which in an 8-1 game made Paul's backside the main attraction by default.

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Brady Anderson? Go, Anteaters!!!!!!!
(though i think his 50-HR seasons are way behind him.)
upper deck at the stadium IS a shot but it's also misleading, though not like upper-deck bombs at old (detroit) tigers stadium.
pauly? o'neill?

don't even wanna predict what nomo might do. lotta guys can pitch real well for a short period of time. red sox will need guys (like beck) to be there ALL YEAR.

yes, i recall THAT guidry. overwhelmingly dominant. threw absolute gas AND that wicked slider. just overwhelmed batters. like pedro. ya've GOT to realize, pedro, right NOW, IS The Deal. look at his e.r.a. compared to the league's. and he's not facing any pitchers. can't say he's that much better than where guidry was but pedro's been doing it since he was an expo. he is embarrassing professional hitters. anyway, don't wanna quibble there. (guidry, like pedro, is so amazing also because he's NOT a big guy.)

the yanks of The Day that i liked were roy white, munson, willie randolph...a host of others.

was watching a replay of the sox/reds game of the '75 series. fisk's HR gets all the ink - it was HUGE, of course, but nobody talks about the MONSTER HR that bernie carbo hit in an amazing at-bat. THAT, in my book, was a far greater HR than fisk's. sorry, my opinion.

anyway, don't sell pedro short. what he's doing right now, what he's been doing, in a day when EVERYbody hits...is just plain awe-inspiring.

more later.
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Go get em lisakaz!

BTW, as a Yankee fan you may appreciate...

I got to see those 2 perfect games Wells/Cone.......... followed by last years slaughter by Chicago...... well, I was hoping for three!
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