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Soften a boot? Why?

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Alright everyone here goes...

I've currently got a pair of Head Raptor 125s that fit beautifully (thanks to Lou here actually). Stock liners, a few punches here and there, and I'm a happy camper every day, all day.

Bought the 125s because they felt great, and do feel great, but lately I've been wondering - what would a softer boot feel like/do for my skiing?

I'm not a racer, or a park guy, pretty sure nobody would call me a good textbook skier, I avoid icy/hard conditions like the plague, and ski the trees/soft snow whenever possible.

Could anybody please explain to me what I might experience in a softer boot? I tried removing the bottom bolt from the Raptor's back cuff (to experiment with a day) and found that the whole white "spine" popped off as well. This seemed like it wouldn't be exactly safe so I put it back on.


Please share your knowledge oh-boot-guys.
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out the box the 125 is 115 (with one bolt in place)


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Thanks CEM - not quite the information i was really going for though.


I'm just curious what differences that a skier would notice between a stiff flex, and a softer flex in the same boot.


Also - would it be 'safe' (though probably not optimal) to ski without the white spine on the back of the boot to experiment and experience the softer flex myself?



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