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Crimson, Blackeye, or Rossignol experience?

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Hi all,


I would love to get some recommendations on a new ski. I currently ski on 168cm Volkl S4's and I have enjoyed them though I am looking to upgrade to something newer and more versatile. The Volkl s4 was great for skiing in the midwest and on the hard pack, but I am going to be graduating college soon and I am going to have more opportunites to travel to larger ski resorts in the east and west. 


I have gone up to Vermont many times and this most recent trip I encountered a lot of crud, slush ect. which skiing on the volkl S4's with a 68mm under foot was OK but not ideal. I have done some research and I am heavily considering the Blackeye's, the Crimsons, or the Rossignol experience 83 or 88's. I am a pretty strong skier, and have no difficulty on black diamonds in Vermont. I enjoy mixing up my turn radii, though I mostly prefer the shorter turn radius. I would like a nice all mountain ski that can still hold an edge, is comfortable in some powder and crud, and fits my 6' 0" 145lb frame. 


I appreciate any of the recommendations you guys have to offer.





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Anybody? I am hoping to take advantage of the spring ski sales.

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they're all good skis bro.  it's just personal preference, so you're going to have to demo and see if it works for you.

crimson fatter than the blackeye  just as 88 is fatter then the 83.

Watch some skis.com mini-video reviews I suppose, try to find a reviewer who matches you in height and weight though.

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If you're looking at something like the Experience 88, see if you can demo the Nordica Steadfast.  I demoed the Blizzard Bushwacker, Line Prophet 90 and the Steadfast and bought the Steadfast.  The Rossi wasn't available for demo around here so I cannot compare the Steadfasts are really great skis.

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I have heard some good things about the steadfasts and will have to look into them more. As for the ski.com reviews, I have watched them extensively and found them helpful.  I just thought I would get some last advice here since you guys seem really helpful. 

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I can do no comparison for you, but I skied the E88 recently in Utah in spring hardpack which turned to soft which turned to slush. 

I like to short-turn my way down steep and icy and then cut loose on softer material.  I really liked the E88; it was solid, responsive, damp yet springy, and it seemed plenty stable when carving the bigger radius turns.  If I were looking for an 88, I would buy it.

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Do you guys think I will notice a big difference between the 82 and 88 mm waist on the groomers? Coming from a 68mm carving ski it would be nice to get a ski that isn't to difficult to get from edge to edge. With the new technology though it sounds like wider skis have become a lot better in this respect. 

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I'm used to skiing a 72mm carver on Eastern hardpack.  Once I got the feel of the E88's I didn't really mind the width at all or feel it held me back.  It's a differerent "feel", maybe not as razor-quick, but not a problem.  You just have to be a little more conscious of edging wider boards.  I didn't sense the width hindering the carve.


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That is reassuring. I skied my bodies old Nordica Hot Rods a few years ago (Skis probably from 2005-2006) and I felt like they really lacked edge grip, though that may have also been due to the fact he rarely ever sharpened his skis

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I've been demoing these exact skis, in the 88mm versions, and like the Crimson Ti the best. It has great edge grip, is a fun carver, but still handles the bumps well in the 178cm length. Only possible downside is it has a fairly damp, heavy feel, but it is a much more powerful ski than the Rossi and not more difficult to ski. Unfortunately, it is only available with a system binding, except for some select retailers in the 2011-2012 version, so any stance adjustments (ramp, canting) would be limited.


I tried the E83 last year, it was fine, but I haven't been on the Blackeye, which I would like to try. I have heard good things about the Steadfasts, but haven't tried them.


Stats: 5'9'', 168lbs, ski primarily in Tahoe. Ski as well as most folks.

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The Steadfast has great edge grip and it's pretty quick edge to edge. 

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