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Are Intuition Liners as good as they used to be?

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Has anyone else noticed that Intuition liners aren't as good as they used to be?


I got some Full Tilt Konflict boots to replace my Raichle Flexons recently.  The Konflict comes with the Intuition Pro liner, and having done the fitting procedure three times previously, I was surprised that the new liner's fit and hold wasn't as good as either of my two different liners' fit and hold.


After about seven years, my Flexons' original Raichle heat-molded overlap liner (no tongue, like the Intuition) became packed out and I replaced it with an Intuition liner in about 2005.  Today that second liner still feels as good as new, and each of my first two are/were more perfect than the new Intuition Pro.


I attribute this to two traits of the new liners:


ONE-- The Pro has a softer, spongier feel on the inside than the firmer foam of my originals.  Looking at the cross-section from Intuition's website, next to the foot in the new design are two different layers of lower density foam that conform without an oven's heat.  I figure that those layers are like wearing a thicker sock.  Not good for holding the foot, ankle and leg securely with a minimum of pressure.


TWO--  The new liners also feel like they don't quite fill every valley of my foot while giving room to every mountain.  They don't seem to articulate as perfectly to the shape of my foot as my previous two inner boots do/did.


When reading about the new liners, the description includes a compilation of foam that, in addition to being heat-moldable, also is said to mold in response to pressure and one's body heat.


From the Full Tilt website, Konflict page:




Full Tilt Quick-Fit™ liners use authentic Intuition® foam that is body heat activated to mold 100% to your feet during use, or can be instantly heat molded by a shop in minutes.


Quick-Fit™ Intuition™ EVA foam is engineered into a combination of layers, thicknesses and densities for a custom fit liner that is light, warm and molds 100% to your feet for a one-of-a-kind custom fit.


4mm Open Cell Foam

Warm & comfy layer conforms quickly to your foot upon entry

2mm Soft Density Foam

Softest cross linked EVA closed cell foam molds to feet quick

7mm High Density Foam

Firm & responsive closed cell foam molds to your feet & transfers the most energy!



My theory is that the earlier models had only the high density foam.  And making the liner partially moldable without the high temperature from an oven will compromise how much the liner can flow, distort or compress to accommodate the shapes of the foot's firmer and softer portions, resulting in a less precise mold of the foot.   In other words, heat-moldable foam is more pliable when hot, more firm when cool, and retains its precise shape better than anything else.


Has anyone else had similar observations?



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My New Alpine Power Wraps are every bit as good as the old ones were when they were new.

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Full Tilt liners are not that same as stock Intuition liners.  Intuition does not use that layer of open cell crap foam.

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I had a discussion with my Full Tilt rep about the foam used in their boots.  The foam is not the same as the ones in the aftermarket liners.  FT had Intuition design its liners so that they heat up in less time than the aftermarket ones.  A FT Intuition liner will be hot enough in eight minutes using the recommended heat stack.  The aftermarket Intuition liner takes 15 minutes.



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