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Grooming the Groomers

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Originally Posted by TheDad View Post

Since I can't edit, a revision from:

"Making It Look Hard, So You Don't Have To!"




"Stretching Your Comfort Zone in Only 40 Years!"


Second alternate:


"Pucker? I Barely Know 'Er!"


Actually, I'm going to withdraw all my prior entries in favor of:


"Neither Rime Nor Reason"

Common sense is overcome by the desire to ski, in even the worst conditions.


(With an acknowledged tip of the hat, and posthumous apologies, to Shakespeare)

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I Ski,therefore I am........

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Sorry ,bad form.Should have tipped my hat to".Rene Desantes,Images of the Perrfect Carve"

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During vacation, she went south; I went skiing!

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The Oddyski


Pukin' n' Nukin'


Deep Float


Powder Dreams


Oh, The Places You'll Ski!



Subtitle might be "An epic struggle between work, love, and sick powder days."  Or the Pukin' n' Nukin' subtitle could be "A strange, epic tale of a gastroenterologist's tireless quest for bottomless powder"


Just couldn't narrow it down to one title.

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Ski Hard with a Vengence

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Awakening In The Deep: The True Story of One Skier’s Birth Into Paradise

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the continuing saga of one skier's fight to keep his sanity living on the Great Plains




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Sunday at midnight is your last chance to enter! Don't be left...


Out Cold.jpeg


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Get it? Get it? ...Bueller 

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Silence And The Hiss of Crystals

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Wake me up when November ends

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From Whiteface to Whitefish. The forty-year ski race to the last best place

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The Bond movies (and I was with Redford's stunt double from that Downhill Racer flick from circa 1cherrie blair geoffrey robertson ambassadors.jpg968  today)poulsen 035.JPGpoulsen 017.JPGmi5.jpg

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Her Majesty's Secret Service, and Redford's Downhill Racerpoulsen 015.JPG starring this guy as Redford's stunt double

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Have to say, my favorite "ski movie" is Better of Dead!  But the title for my "life of skiing" would be depicted in "Snow King, Snow Queen - Time Share" which covers twenty years of affordible ski vacations with a wide variety of mostly complete strangers from various parts of the country during week five at Killington!  We have gotten to know many characters at the condo that sleeps 10 and sometimes 20 when we have both sides of the unit!  But the thing that brings us together every year, is a shared love of Snow, whether skiing or boarding!

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Originally Posted by lateskier2012 View Post

"COLD ADDICTION - The Relentless Pursuit of Powder"


Cancel the Cold Addiction quote, this one describes my ski life more succinctly.



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Take "Snow" For an Answer

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Like An Old Friend.
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Intense Powder Skiing: Winter Shudders

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Steep, Deep, and Outta Control
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Journey of the Snow People

EPIC Adventures of Ric and Lin


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Title Entry:   Watch This! – An EPIC Skiing Odyssey


A story of a steadily growing and maturing obsession with all things related to skiing.  The comedy (and fun) aspects are embodied in the “Watch This!” sentiment –- Just when you think you know something and try to do something impressive, you get humbled.   On a more serious note, for me, skiing is becoming an odyssey that is defining how and where I want to live my life.  I am making plans to facilitate and accommodate my skiing needs until I am a very old man.  Skiing makes me whole and completes me.


And I could use some more Dynastar skis – maybe the Distorters? yahoo.gif   My skiing career, such that it is, has been mostly on Dynastar skis.  They just feel better to me.  Currently, I have several Legend 4800s and an Omecarve 10 (yes, the quiver needs updated).  It would make a nice birthday present in a few days.   Sometimes I miss my Dynastar Legend 8000 and even my Max Three’s (remember those?), but they are long gone.

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Would have to be "The Blizzard pf AAHHH's" 1988.This represents the heyday of my best ski years.  Young, single, in good shape, not a care in the world.  The skiing was fantastic, the outfits loud, colorful and outrageous.  The beginning of what has become "Extreme" and "Freeskiing".  Pioneers like, Plake, Shmidt and Stump. My buddies and I thought we were hot skiers, maybe we were. Looking back, to paraphrase something Warren Miller once said, " If you think your a better skier now than you where 20 years ago, you probably weren't a very good skier 20 years ago".  Skiing is still my life and now I share it with my son.  "Daddy needs a new pair of boots and skis".  I think I finally earned it.

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Confessions of a Dangerous Mind


Who other than true blooded skiers would spend thousands of dollars on training and certifications to make 8.00 per hour at a hill?
Who buys a car not for looks or comfort but rather the ability to plow through nearly closed roads to get to a nearly closed mountain.
Who will continue to hunt for patches of snow connected by slippery grass when all of the neighbors are seeding their spring yard.
Who refuses to admit that at 50 yrs old they cannot do that helicopter in the bump fields like they did 25 yrs ( 1/4 century) ago.
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Storms of Adventure

It is better for the snow to have fallen and experienced the Storms of Adventure than to have lived where the sun always shines. The Storms of Adventure have led to a greater intensity and earnestness in my life - and have refined my character along the way. There is a certain glory that can only be experienced through Storms of Adventure on and off Piste.
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Pow to Ow: enthusiasm vs ability.

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