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Mammoth Rentals

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Afternoon all.  I'm heading down to Mammoth in a couple weeks and am in between skis right now.  This being the case, I need to rent and would like to know the best spots to rent near the mountain.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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There is a rental at the main lodge, plenty of demo's.   When ever I rent there I swap out skis all day long so I can demo a bunch.    

Or try Footloose, but honestly the rental at the main lodge is so much easier.  

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Depends on if you want to demo or just pick one ski for the day and go with it. If you are demoing with the thought of purchasing, absolutely rent at the mountain (at either main or Canyon lodges.) I think Main has a better selection but you can swap out skis at either location (I rented at Canyon and swapped out at Main--got some Black Pearls there and ended up buying them!) Total cost is $59 per day with mandatory insurance. If you DO buy, they apply that amount to the purchase price.


If you are just wanting to rent for the day, Footloose is right on the main drag into town, as is Kittridge. I think they are priced comparably. On-mountain rentals are a good $15 more per day vs. at one of the shops in town. If you are set on a certain ski, call the shops to see if they have it. Footloose does not carry Blizzard, for instance. Not sure what Kittridge carries as I have not been there. Footloose does carry Kastle.


If you aren't too picky, there are other cheaper alternatives in town but I'm not sure of the quality of ski you will get.


Hope it keeps snowing-another storm forecast for next weekend after the 5+ feet they just got yahoo.gif We're heading up in a couple weeks also and would love to see some powder!

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