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John H, What Andrew, LisaM and LizaK told you. I have had very good results with stretching and Naproxen. The stretching doesn't really work until your back muscles relax. However, I have never had pain go down my leg from a back injury. Sounds like a trip to the doc to be safe. You should be able to talk him into some meds for current and future use.
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John H - I feel for ya.

Happened to me twice. Got physio the first time, and he gave an exercise to do every morning. The second occurance was about 6 months after I stopped the routine.

In the morning, before you get out of bed, roll over onto your stomach, and do 10 to 20 back arches (?). Raise your upper body and your legs at the same time. No need to make "exercise" of it. Keep your hands on the mattress for balance, and don't overdo it. Just enough to feel the effort, and warm up the muscles. Along with regular exercise, and watching the waist line (which won't be a problem chasing the little one in a few years) this is enough to keep up your muscle tone in the back.

Works for me. Hope it helps.
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ummm-go see a doctor!
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yeah, yeah, yeah.... go see a doctor. I know... I guess I'm a typical guy. I hate doctors. Mostly just because of the inconvenience of going to see them. If it were possibky life threatening, I'd have been there already. But I want to see if it will go away without a doctor's intervention first.

I think I may have figured out a good portion of the problem. I think it's my hamstrings. My hamms are very strong and very tight. I'm about as flexible as a bronze statue. But stretching my hamms seems to help. And for some odd reason, so does caffine. I have no idea why, but I felt better after drinking a coke. Maybe it's the pain killing effect of coke (notice the lack of the capital "c"?)
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Hey, just saw this thread - Congrats!! Our little girl is two tommorow . . . most awesome journey of our lives! Enjoy!
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