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WAY off topic

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I thought I'd let the bears know that Friday evening, at 6:13pm, I became a Dad!!!!!!!!

A very healthy 6lb, 12oz Anna was born to a very healthy and happy mom.

We weren't supposed to have the baby untill this coming thursday, via a scheduled c-section, but Anna had had enough, and wanted out. We still had to have the c-section, but there was no labor, so Mom was happy and excited the whole time.

I won't be around much for a few days, because my wife will be in the hospital until tuesday. But I have the computer (as slow as it is) at home running, so I can check in.

BTW, this all happened after riding for almost 2 hours with Gill thursday after work, then cutting the lawn, then eating, then grocery shopping until 10:45, then showering (thank GOD I did!), and getting to bed at 11:45. Then at 12:00 her water broke.

*** The light at the end of the tunnel has just been turned back on!!

-JohnH (a.k.a Dad!)

PS - Kneal, THANK YOU!!! We got the gift and the video camera I bought through eBay only hours before we had to leave for the hospital. The wife LOVES!!!!! it! Anna has already been wrapped up in it! I hope we can spread the word some, and get you some business. Thank M. for me
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Yipee! Congrats!!! Btw, at that conference in Weston, I'm taking a workshop on post partum abdominal work, which will probably include c-sections. If there is good material, I'll copy it for you.
We want to see pictures!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Sounds like an off-season sport to me (seems to me enough physical exertion/trauma to qualify, as least for 2 parties). When's her first ski race, Dad?

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Congtats!!!!!! Let the games begin.
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Well done, to all.

Life is about to really begin. My best wishes to you and the family.
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whooo hooo...

Congrats.. to everyone.

NO MORE Sleep for you John H!

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Congats John H to you and your family,

Life will never quite be the same again. You are now a parent for Life! Welcome!
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Congratulations John H. Through all the other problems over the years our kids have really been the bright spots in our lives. Can't think of anythng more "on subject" for any of these forums. Kids have always been an integral part of the discussions. In a few years I'm looking forward to Anna stories.
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Congrat's John , get ready for life as you know it to change....you have now entered into the realm of parenting .
Have fun with it , children help you live your dreams all over again....good luck!
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John, congrats, and now your priorities will change from skiing to fatherhood ...

There is relly nothing to compare it to, enjoy.

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Nothing better than a new J-VIII!
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Congratulations JohnH! Now perhaps a laptop would help?
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Many congratulations to you and Mom...looking forward to seeing you back when Anna sleeps through the night

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Are you kidding?! JohnH will be the only on e posting at 3:00am est. Got to do something during those feedings.


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hehehe...if you don't want to read anything perverted...don't read this :O!

so is the off-season sport here raising a baby, going through labor with a wife, or sex? lol i couldn't help...i know it said off-topic

anyhow, congrats to John...and don't forget to teach her how to ski show her alot of MSP films as a kid and she won't dare go snowboarding lol

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Wait - so does this mean our mountain bike ride is off for this Thursday?!?

Just kidding.

That's GREAT John!!! I'm glad both baby and Mom are well. I can't wait to see the pictures and hear all about it!
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Sorry I have not chimed in..

Congratulations John!
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Wonderful news. Congratulations to all. Anna is a very lucky girl.
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John H, Congrats to you and your wife. My daughter is the best thing that ever happened to me.
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Congratulations! I have a six year old daughter, Elke Analiese. As Anna grows you will see what a magical relationship a Father/Daughter bond can be!
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Congratulations! What wonderful news.

Deep yogic breaths...
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Congratulations DAD! Best of health to your wife and child, and, of course, to you.
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Hi all.

Thanks for the good words. Little Anna is great, and the lack of sleep isn't so bad.

I finally made it into work today.

Get this... This past Saturday, I was working around the house, installing a new sink in the half-bath in the house, and I think I f-ed up my back. It hurts like a sonofabitch. It's down in the siatic (sp?) nerve, I think, because it shoots pain down my left leg. I've been trying to work my abs, because that has helped in the past, but it hurts so bad, I can't even do a sit up or leg lift. And sitting in this chair at work is not doing me any good. So now I can barely help out my wife around the house. I can't even bend over to change the baby. This SUCKS! The only thing that has helped at all has been a heating pad.

Lisamarie, any advice?????

I may have to go home soon and lay down. Grrr.
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Ice until the back goes numb. (and then for as long as you can stand it)

Repeat 2-3 times a day.
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Okay John. Lie on your back with your knees bent. Pick up one knee, keep it bent, hold it cloose to your chest for a few minutes. Start on the side that is hurting most. Then , do the other side. Then, if you can handle it, do both. The other good back exercise is THE CAT. On your hands andknees, knees are hip width apart, hands shoulder width. Round your back like an angry Halloween cat. Conttract your abs. Hold for a feww seconds. When you release, your back should be flat.
Let me know if you have a stability ball. There are a few ggod things you can do for the back. Feel Bettere!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Stretching hasn't helped much (or at all). I was doing the first one you mentioned, and it helps while I'm laying on the ground, but as soon as I go to stand up, it hurts like hell.

No, I don't have a stability ball.

I'm thinking.... Demerol, or maybe Perkoset!
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If you pulled something in your back, you might need use of an anti-inflammatory or muscle relaxer. I was on both last July because I couldn't get out of bed except backing out turned on my stomach (then often I fell on the floor -- back spasms and the aftermath are no fun). I was on Naproxen and something else, I forget what. If you cannot relax the muscle, you cannot heal.

If you can, you might want to try bathing with lavender oil in the heated water, although the tub adventure may be difficult to manage (kiddie pool?). I work out to avoid this problem but stress made me a hunchback for weeks till the chemicals kicked in.

Good luck.


Dante non ha mai immaginato questo cerchio dell'inferno!
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Call your local therapists and see if anyone knows how to do Kenesio taping. The proper type of taping using a special Kenesio tape can do wonders for muscle spasms. It's not a fix but can sure speed the process to healing. My wife has been studying this for her work and it's almost like magic.
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The symptoms you describe sound like you POSSIBLY may have a herniated/ruptured intervertebral disk in your spine (sudden onset, shooting pain down your leg, hurts when you sit, bend forwards, raise your leg, cough).

Not to alarm you, but maybe you should consider seeing your doctor about it. Of course, I could be 100% wrong and it may be just a muscle spasm/strain. In the meantime, load up on ibuprofen and try to minimize lifting/bending early on. It may be too soon to try abdominal exercises.

Good luck,

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