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Ugh! Ack! :X!!!!

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So i got my Volvo all tuned and stuff...Dyno showed it was pulling about 275bhp. So as I was heading home from the test, I went to the shop on the way back to give them the printout I got. They did a few tweaks to give me about 2-3 more horses under the hood. I was puling out of their lot and was on the driveway when a friggin excursion driving road hogging ******* just plowed right into my car. (I was on the proper side of the driveway...he just turned the corner at god knows how fast in the MIDDLE of the driveway). So...my car is totaled cause the SUV went on top of my hood and crushed the engine block...well...not the block...but the turbo unit, intercooler and radiator. Fortunately I didn't suffer any injuries...the widshield cracked but miraculously held against the nose of the SUV....says alot about Volvo toughness eh? Atleast the other guy needs a completely new engine block. I think his car suffered more damage than I did lol. his oil pan's jacked as all his oil leaked over my hood and his nose was pushed quite a ways back before it rode onto my car. It's just that my volvo's valued at like...$1200...repairs are about $5000 for me so insurance company won't cover it :|

So that's my off-season so far...how's everyone else doing?

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that bites..
hope the that's not a precursor to the rest of your summer.
Here's to better times....
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Hey Mello,

Maybe you can get some whiplash or something and afford a new car out of the deal? Or emotional distress, something to mitigate the sting.

Anyway, that really bites. Hope whoever hit you got a nice ticket. You know, you might be able make a complaint to force them to do this, if for any reason they do not do so (at least I've heard of this done in NJ). That's good protection in case this person thinks that they own the road and somehow tries to bleed you by claiming it was your fault.

Good luck.


Dante non ha mai immaginato questo cerchio dell'inferno!
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That sucks man. Sorry for the loss.

Deep yogic breaths...
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If you have the reciepts for the work regarding the engine upgrades, the insurance co. may pay. Or, have an independent appraisal done on the vehicle. If the other party was at fault you may be able to go to small claims to recover the difference.

I had just completed suspension upgrades on my 89 Mercedes 190 and a farmer pulled out in front of me totaling the vehicle. When they offered book value, I produced those reciepts and they made up the difference. Also (if the other party is paying), don't forget to recover the sales tax in the settlement...... NJ taxes vehicles at 6% and they often "forget" to include that figure.
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Bummer! I just moved to your area, and haven't really got the guts to leave Wrightwood, go "down the hill" and deal!
Things are mellower in NM, eh Mescalero! Course, no one has insurance there! Up north my car was protectively ensheathed in mud...kinda like a block of adobe movin down the road!
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I know this is no consolation but I've had a terrible year with injuries, most non-skiing related, the last one being my bicycle accident. Just got off of the crutches and am really sweating the possibility of permanent damage as I have to wait for my patella to heal to scope it and find out. Other driver was totally responsible and her insurance is paying for everything. I know it's a drag but I'd gladly buy you a new Volvo if you could make my knees as they were last year at this time. I'm so tired of my knees hurting. Just a thought. <FONT size="1">

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At least you are Ok Melloboy,

Now here are a couple of things to think about.

1.Check your insurance policy, and see if you have any renters insurance. If you do you might be able to rent a vehicle for a very nominal fee/day.
2.If your insurance company has totaled your car, ie. will only give the present value of the car before it was involved in the accident, any recent repairs, any where from 1/3 to 75% also must be calculated in any settlement check. Fight for this ! So get your receipts. In no circumstances accept their first settlement offer. Go on the internet and find out what the used value of your car would have been. If you don't like how things are going talk to the supervisor of your insurance company agent that is handling your settlement claim. You can always negotiate with them to get the best settlement possible.
3. Find and attorney to sue the driver of the Excursion and his insurance company to get compensated for your unrecovered losses. If you are in a state that has no fault insurance this may be harder. Also, was the driver of the Excursion issued a ticket ? If not why not? Get a copy of the police report, if a ticket was not issued a ticket still may be posible based on the police report. Insist a ticket be issued, this makes your case against the drive of the Excursion much stronger.

I know the above is a lot of hassel, but if you don't fight for what is yours, then you end up with sh-t as the result.
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well guys,
insurance guy checked it out today. He took a look under the hood and gave the volvo a reappraised value of, gasp, $10,000+ and it's a pre-85 (yes...that's not a misprint) volvo...luckily, since the mods were done within 5 days of the accident, they can literally value the parts at 100% an labor at 100% too. unfortunately, the body of the car is totalled so he said that part would get tricky. He said to also be ready for a lawsuit from the other party.

Is it possible to get a ticket from an accident? I didn't get a ticket from an accident way back when...so...just curious. We'll see what happens...i just don't want to lose that car tho...it has a butt indentation on the seat that's mine :P

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Usually if there is a driver "at fault" a ticket will be issued. Sometimes, though, cops won't do it, for various reasons.

A little history (not my own): the ex once got broadsided when a Hispanic woman ran a stop sign in snowy weather and hit what was a company vehicle. The cop, for whatever reason, could see what happened yet told the ex the best he could do was not give out a ticket to the ex (something about neighborhood; this was in Plainfield, I think).

The woman spoke English then but suddenly when a lawsuit cropped up (against the company, the ex's Dad, really, and his insurers), she couldn't speak English and the husband was suing for lost sexual companionship as a result of the accident (whatever "distress" was caused to her). The case dragged on for some time, with the "victim" often failing to appear or causing continuances. Ultimately, this was settled out of court for whatever medical costs were involved (!).

In the second case, the Dad got hit trying to turn into his son's driveway. He was driving a large Mercury station wagon (yes, the type with wood panels). It was a right hand turn and he supposedly had a signal indicating this. Well, there were two girls/women in the car in back and they were chatting, so the man says. Anyway, the driver got impatient/distracted/whatever and tried to pass the man ON THE RIGHT! Somehow, she claimed she thought he was turning left. The man is in his 70s, turns slow (it's a tough driveway to negotiate), but otherwise drives really well for his age. Anyway, the woman tried to sue or the company tried to lean, but the man went to police to have her ticketed, at least for the attempted pass on the right where it is illegal to do so.

I saw the end of the thing, which seemed exactly as he told the cops. Why another would try to pass on that road is the ultimate in stupidity.

The second case went away for a number of reasons, but dealing directly with the police helped greatly. Hope this helps.


Dante non ha mai immaginato questo cerchio dell'inferno!
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If there is a police report, usually it will show who got the ticket. If you didn't get one, then chances are the other guy did. If there is no police report, that will complicate things. If you are at fault and or got the ticket that complicates things.

Did you and the other driver exchange information at the accident ? If the police weren't there, usually the guy that shows up first to make a police report, often gets the benefit of the doubt from the police.

So tell us, is there a police report, and who got the ticket ?

Finally, keep in touch with your insurance company. They can usually determine who was at fault just by looking at the damage to the cars, and what each driver claims were the circumstances of the accident. They see and do this all the time.

The police report will solve a lot of the controversy. As to being sued by the other driver, that should be covered as one of the components of your policy. If it is they are in fact suing the insurance company, and this happens all the time in states tht don't have "no fault" insurance.Watch out for false claims of injury, such as back injury and whiplash. It's a clue that the other driver is trying to make himself "whole' financially, and at the same time keep his insurance rates low.

Good Luck !
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Sorry about the Crash Melloboy

Can you tell me...Did your accident happen on private property...completely on the driveway or in the parking lot...It may make a difference as to how it is handled...I will run the info past a buddy of mine.
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my car was completely on the driveway. His car was 50%-75% on the driveway. Fortunately, the shop owner was a witness so..i think things won't be TOO bad for me :|

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Let me add my condolences. I'm the one Bob B mentioned whose modified Acura GSR (turbo, intercooler, lots of good stuff) was rear-ended. Sounds like you're covering all the bases, but, for what it's worth, when I produced receipts for the modifications done and the adjustor saw the body was in pristine condition, the insurance company agreed to do all body work, using OEM parts (I insisted), and paid the replacement costs for the damaged modifications I'd done. I was lucky that I was rear-ended I guess, because there was no question it was the other party's fault, but firm, courteous perserverence sometimes CAN pay off.
Good luck! I feel your pain!
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Taking it down to a speed shop in Maryland this weekend to put it on a dyno and remap the computer (fuel, air, timing, etc.). Increased the boost to 12 PSI from 8 so the little sucker flies! Saturday I'm trying hanggliding for the first time; skydiving next weeek. If you don't hear from me again, maybe I should leave the car to you. (That way you wouldn't have people motoring away from you like they do when you're driving that little Subaru!)
All the best, all!
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True, I am at the mercy of other drivers who bang into me; BUT I seem to recall an evening when a certain Subaru driver on his way to a Christmas party took a certain ice-covered corner at a certain speed that put said Subaru driver (and trusting passenger who was holding a baked zucchini pan on his lap) into an embankment, denting said Subaru rather neatly. Any other car buffs out there? (Less than 5 months until Keystone/Loveland open!)
Regards to all,
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