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Link to the video is here:


Finally got around to putting together all the footage I took.


Last summer we took a trip to BC, but instead of spending the week in Whistler like usual, we did a few different things....


First day we went to Squamish to ride some of the local trails. You have to earn your trails and the climb up wasn't short or easy, but we did about 6 laps of some of the trails, including Half Nelson, Power Smart, Nineteenth Hole, and a few others. Good fun!


The next day we headed up to Whistler to ride the bike park. Usually I come up here to SGC for a week and spend a few days just goofing around, but this year we only spent a day here. The older guys spent the day doing laps on A-Line, Crank It Up, and Angry Pirate, all great trails. My friends Matt and PJ rode with me and we spent our day doing some full-mountain laps. The stuff we rode included Freight Train, Goat's Gully, Captain Safety, Dirth Merchant, Schleyer, Joyride, Crank It Up, Crack Addict, and Original Sin. Did some B-Line laps later in the day just to enjoy the flow - its hard to beat the bike park!


That night we drove north to Pemberton, where we stopped for groceries. After grabbing some steaks and fresh produce we headed north another four or five hours to Bralorne/Goldbridge. These towns had populations of ~10,000 in the era of the gold rush, but now both towns have populations of about 60. 


We woke early the next morning, and after a quick breakfast and some coffees, we headed to Tyaxe Lodge. We had booked the first floatplane to Spruce Lake. We landed and assembled our bikes, and decided to take the long haul to Windy Pass. After a LOT of climbing and hiking (~5 hours) we were about five thousand feet higher, at the top of Windy Pass. We descended for a few hours, reveling in the mountains before starting another climb, which took a few hours. We then descended for the rest of the day, which was about four hours.


That day was like a dream come true. Truly one of the greatest days I've spent on a bike. The total distance ridden that day was about 80km, and believe me when I say we were all pretty exhausted. The beers and steaks following the ride were well earned.


The next day we were going to fly into a lake called Warner Lake, but unfortunately the wind in that gully was too high for a safe landing. We actually had a scare when our plane dropped about 100 feet in a second (everything floated up to the roof of the plane for a moment, people without seatbelts buckled included) but our pilot Randy kept his cool, and got us out safely. 


We ended up landing at Spruce again, and opted for a shorter (40km) but still fun day. We rode some super buff trails that followed a valley for a few hours. After stopping for lunch we followed the river back, which was an amazing ride.


All in all it was one of the best trips of my life, and I've been on some good ones. If you ever get the opportunity to go up to Spruce Lake, you will not regret it!





I posted about 40 photos from the trip on my flickr account, so I'll link it. I'd upload a few here, but the file sizes are larger than 10MB each and the site won't allow it. Some of them are pretty neat :)