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Ski Boot recommendations? What's a good replacement for my Rossignol Elite Bandit 1 Carbons?

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Hey gang, I'm just getting the itch for trying new boots. I've got a pair of excellent Rossi Elite Bandit 1 Carbons now:

Rossignol Elite Bandi 1 Carbon

These boots ski very well, only thing I'd change is just a slightly softer forward flex. But I wouldn't change the lateral or aft stiffness, feel, or responsiveness, I really love how these perform. I used to race, and skied in monster stiff boots, and this was a natural pick, a de-tuned racing boot essentially, with a comfy liner and slightly toned down forward flex. I just want to tone down the foward flex even a bit more now.

I've found that the new skis (I'm on Head Rock n Rolls now) are so easy with turn initiation, that I can go a little softer in forward flex--which will make more versatility. I find myself skiing with the upper cuffs buckled fairly loosely more often than not, and rather than go that route, I'm thinking it's better to maintain full snug contact with the boot for max communication, but lessen the forward flex stiffness so flying through bumps and rapid short radius turns on steeps is more fun. I still do some quick cruising here and there, but I'm not in a GS or Super G course any more, and I avoid icy conditions, preferring to ski soft stuff and pow primarily.

I'm still having fun, just not trying to beat any times, not bombing like a maniac, just having fun tree-skiing, some bumps and teaching/cruising with my kids all over the place.


The Rossi's I have now were rated as:

  • Ability: advanced-Expert
  • Flex index: 120
  • Stiffness: stiff

I have a medium width forefoot, narrow-ish heel, med-high instep. I wear a really old set of superfeet korks I made for myself an embarrassingly long time ago, and they fit my feet perfectly so I'm covered there.

Got any recommendations for an all-mtn/free-skier with decent skills who likes racing boot response but without the stiff forward flex?

Thanks, I really appreciate your opinion and insight. :)



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What about the Head Vector 110? Anyone try it?
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Just guessing off of your foot description since I can't see your feet and lower leg.


Lange RX110 or RX130

Dalbello Mantis 12

Tecnica Demon 110 or 130

Salomon Impact 110 or 120


If your heel is really on the narrowish side, you could try an overall skinnier boot.  Keep in mind a good bootfitter can make a smaller boot fit bigger.  Also a stiff boot can be made to flex softer.


Dalbello Krypton Cross or Pro

Dalbello Scorpion SF 110 or 130

Tecnica Inferno Blaze

Salomon X3 110 or 120


I am sure that there are other possible fits.  Remember, I was just guessing.


I do not know much of the Head boot.


This season, I made the switch from an old Nordica Dobermann that was punched and ground to work with my mid to wide foot to a Tecnica Demon 130.  After some tweaking, the boot is dialed.  Race like performance?  Close, but it isn't a Dobie, yet I am willing to sacrifice some of that for some comfort.


The reality is that you should go to a shop with a qualified bootfitter who can assess your fit needs.



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Thanks Dennis, really appreciate it.

Will research those. Second person to recommend the Lange RX. :)

Wish I could try all these out on one day on the slopes!

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Moved to Ask the Boot Guys at request of thread starter Super D

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Thanks! :)

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Anyone try the Nordica Firearrow F1? Looks interesting...

Time to do some boot shopping! 5 months 'til Ski Season, I'm getting anxious already! :D

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it really is impossible to say without seeing your feet, how well did the old boot actually fit you? it may have felt like it was good but actually wasn't as good as it could be.  if you want the replacement then it would be the rossignol experience 130 Si but it is a completely different boot from what you have, Rossignol share a last with Lange for this one, don't worry about the flex number it is certainly not at the stiff end of 130 and can be softened by a good fitter...IF IT FITS

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The old boot fit well overall. So well in fact that it didn't require modification to ski in initially. The only modification I'd make is slight customization in the 5th metatarsal head area (I used to heat that area on other boots and stretch with hydraulics). Other than that, no significant issues to address. 


Currently I have these minor complaints with the current boots:

  1. forward flex a little too stiff
  2. liners packed out, so I have to nearly max out the buckles to get snug enough around the lower leg


I considered buying a replacement set of liners and modifying the shell to lessen forward flex stiffness, but after breaking old boots in the past, I'd feel dumb buying new liners to then later end up breaking the shells because they're aged. Seems to me smarter to find a complete replacement boot with newer materials, and a more compliant forward flex characteristic, while certainly fitting well and getting appropriate modifications to my particular feet.

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Well it sounds as if the boot fits well so maybe go with simply the replacement but your comment about maxing out the buckles concerns me.  I would say that typically when a liner packing results in that kind of looseness you could probably buy a smaller size or a lower volume boot.



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