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Camping in Summit Co?

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I know there's some great hiking/camping in this area, but just need some help on how to find it. Friend and I may head out there next month. Any help?
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Backpacking or car camping?
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There is a lot, but it gets crowded at the main sites, and reservations are recommended.

I live in Summit CO., and run around the state on my Yamaha, camping a lot. Many of the Nat'l parks here do allow camping at off-sites, but you have to check frequently.

Some CO State Parks are a good bet too....

Feel free to email me...

¯¯¯/__ SnoKarver snokarver@excite.com
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Light backpacking. I prefer to be out playing on the trails rather then carrying a lot of stuff in. So actually for this trip a cross of car and light backpack. Since it's only for long weekend, don't need anything too indepth.

Gonz, I LOVE the new bike. Never realized what I was missing from that old hardtail. Already working on some drops and a bit more play rather than just riding around on trails. Makes me feel more like my ski trips
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If you’re going to an organized camp Group there are a few around Lake Dillon.
I have no personal experience with any of these; we typically do not camp in Summit because we have a condo there.

Heaton Bay: the best sites are in Loop B, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23 and Loop D 48, 49, 52, 44, 43 this according to a guide book.

970-468-5400 this number is listed for all Reservations

Peak One Campground

Lowry Campground.

Prospector Campground

If you want to camp in National Forest but close to town. you can go to the West Frisco/Main street exit off Hwy 70. There is a trailhead parking area immediately to your right. You will have to hike about 1 mile to National Forest. Pretty nice along the river. This trail is busy though not as busy as the campgrounds.
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DaMtnRider, did you go? care to share any good trails you discovered?
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Kima, Waiting for my friend to get off his lazy @ss and get off work to make it out. Still in the plans, but the free house to use as a staging area is out now. Guess we'll see. Will def let everyone know about the results.
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