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So, in my early 50's now and not as quick on the uptake (mind says yes, body says what?).  Looking for advice on some skis I am looking at for my weekly beer league racing and supporting races (CT/MA).  Gates are generally set in a tight GS format and I sometimes find myself needing to correct at being late at gate (ya).  I'm 5'9", 215 lbs, advanced skier.  Looking at the following skis and would like some input:  Stockli SC (Skied in a 177 and liked stability, performance and forgiveness).  Stockli GS-175cm and Stockli SX-177cm, Dynastar Speed Course-177cm (not the Ti) and Fischer RC4 Worldcup RC Pro-175cm.  I'm thinking too damp of a ski may restrict my ability to correct at my mis-queues.  Thanks in advance for your input!