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Dynastar LPR 115 mount

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I got a pair of these based upon combination alexzn's review below:




and dawgcatching.com sale (unfortunately he was sold out by the time I got to it though).


Have seen various threads on TGR about the mounting point and perhaps an memo from Dynastar adjusting the mountng point.  Can anyone confirm the correct boot midsole placement?  The is not a Dynastar dealer here and basically need to tell/mark where to drill.  I know there are several dealers and maybe reps on here.  Would appreciate any info.  Mine are 184's, marked for 74cm, straight pull from the tip of the tail.


Looking forward to these (maybe next year) unless it snows for my last two trips West.  Nice, soft tips.


Thanks in advance

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anyone ski a pair and can measure?  

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