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Ryan, Did you watch the race at Monaco on Sunday? 1st and 2nd, not bad for the prancing pony. Did you hear about Michael's new contract? 38 million for driving the red car around some of the most exotic tracks in the world. Mika and David, wait till next year. Question, what can you do with a Ferrari that you can't do with a Mercedes/McLaren? Answer, get it off the starting grid.
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yeah, yeah, yeah, i saw it. was in vegas all weekend so didn't get a chance to watch it till the late monday night running on speedvision. (didn't even offer odds on the race in the sports book of the hotel i stayed at. that's okay; i woulda bet on mika and lost.)

anyway, congrats. the ferraris are starting and finishing and that goes a long way.
it's been very frustrating, of course, but at this point in the season, what can ya do but throw your hands up. being a mika fan, it's especially aggravating, as he's pushing the car well.

(did you hear about the fallout (lawsuit) from a little drive around the circuit david took with a "friend" at monaco a couple years ago. apparently he bounced the car and she got hurt, can no longer work, and he's being an ass about it. with the $$$$$ these guys make, he has to be a f***off. anyway, looks like it'll get worse for him because he didn't address it right away.
maybe i'll find the link for ya.)

looks like another championship for michael. only hope is that mika can drive well enough (which he'll do, IF the car co-operates)(though HE stalled it in austria...) to support david.

here's to a mika hakkinen WIN AT INDY!!!! <FONT size="1">

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ryan, When you talked about Mika pushing the car were you referring to pushing it by hand from the starting grid or after he blows it up?

God, I'm being a smartass.
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you're gracious, and i'm not so sensitive about mika or the fortunes of mclaren as (i think) you might think. we're certainly an easy target this year.
not too sure what i think about the rookie in the arrows holding up david. i've seen plenty of cars pull over for faster cars before, and not just because they were being lapped.

anyway, on to canada!!!!!!!

really, all i'd like to see now is mika in a healthy car giving a german driver in an italian car a good and thorough butt-kicking.

have a good weekend. <FONT size="1">

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ryan, Looks like the butt kicking will have to wait. Seems like there is always a Schumacher on the podium. What's up with Montoya? If you can't beat them take them out.
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looked like ol' ralf giving the only butt-kicking yesterday.

given qualifying, i'll take the podium and move on. great race between the brothers, though. could be - SHOULD be - huge for ralf. he's really coming on and flat-out beat michael. those bmw's are HERE now.
montoya seems to have a patience problem. but with that car coming on and with two very aggressive drivers, it's quite a mix now.

still didn't hear (haven't even wanted to look) what blew on mika's car in qualifying.

did he finish with fastest lap or was it ralf?

too bad for rubens. just a basic and smart evasive maneuver and POW, he pays big time for montoya. (that's a hellacious turn there.)

hey lucky, wouldja take on of those things for a spin if they gave ya the keys? wonder if i could even keep it from stalling....


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Two things I have always wanted to do; Drive an F-1 car and fly one of the fastest jets at a low altitude.
I think the learning curve would be steep for F-1, lots of spinouts and stalls. In my younger days I drove fairly fast go-carts and they were pretty twitchy with the steering and power.
Every once in awhile I think about doing the Derek Daly type thing.
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THAT would be a blast. somewhere in my pile of paper here i have the brochure they sent when i inquired a couple years ago.

ya know, ya can still see paul newman in the 911 races at, like, 77, something like that. and still competitive. not bad, to keep reflexes like that and still have the desire to get out and drive fast.
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Canada is done and dusted and I want to take my hat off to the big man, DC.

Being a Scot myself I may be a wee bit biased, but that doesn't take away from the fact that he drove fairly competitively round Canada with broken suspension, which he noticed when a loose bolt started rattling around the cockpit. Not only that, but due to a separate fault, the heat coming through the floor was burning his derriere to the extent that he required medical attention when he got out the car.

I think that shows grit. It shows mettle and it shows why DC will take Schu to the wire this year. If Ron Dennis would realise that DC is just as much driver as his boring Finnish favourite son, and sorted the car out we'd have a championship.

Besides, DC has a bigger jaw than any other driver.

Pass me a bottle, Mr Jones...
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as a Mika fan, I'll give you this: David's jaw is definitely bigger.

I think that with the Williams team being competitive, David's chances of pursuing Michael are improved. Do I think he'll do it? I'm dubious. But we'll see. A determined Michael will be very hard to catch. Here's to Ferrari foul-ups. (But don't count on 'em.)

I happen to have enjoyed, by the way, Mika's back-to-back BORING world championships, as I've enjoyed watching DC have to pull a little weight now, too, as Mika sorts through the kinds of things that come with motor racing.

Tally ho.
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I am curious to know what the reaction has been to Jenson Button in the States.

When he went to Williams last year everyone in the UK went apesh*t about it. I spoke with him in Budapest and he seemed very relaxed and mature.

I think he will have to start pulling out some results if he wants a decent drive ever agin. That said, his replacement at Williams, Juan Pablo Montoya has only finished 1 out of 8. I think even Jenson is beating that in a Benetton.

Any thoughts stateside?


Pass me a bottle, Mr Jones...
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NPR had a short little teaser about a German couple that were captivated by this weekend's F-1 coverage - to the extent that they didn't hear the burglar upstairs cleaning out their goods.

Good little chuckle for the morning.


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first, you have to look to find F1 interest here, generally. (almost the same with world cup skiing.) button did get a lot of press last year, and he DID do well, i thought, for a young driver new to the circuits (besides the experience he might've gotten in F3000.) i happen to like montoya's aggressiveness and LOVED that he showed he won't acquiesce to schumacher's intimidation. he now has to understand the value to his TEAM of FINISHING RACES. all those guys are fast. (i'd like to see verstappen in a stronger car, for example.) NOT all of them have the head for the game. yet. you'll recall mika did not SUDDENLY begin taking poles and winning races. there is a maturation process for a driver. (some never really emerge.) i like button and hope he doesn't get discouraged and keeps at it. the folks in the know, who're around him and observe his driving in tests and on race day, etc., know whether he's up to it or not. and of course one is left with comparing button's driving with fisichella's, as they are ostensibly in the (mostly) same machine.


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leave me alone. i'm pouting.
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ryan, It's almost getting boring isn't it. Do you think Michael is getting tired of being drenched by champagne every couple of weeks? Bad break for Ralph. I think M&M better find what is wrong with their cars. The drivers are very good, but the cars don't seem to be competitive at the top level. Oh well, there's always next year.
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what KILLS me, lucky, is that michael crosses the line, too, but doesn't get a stop-and-go. i know he crossed it LESS but he crossed it, TOO. i know it sounds like sour grapes but a technicality is a technicality. it's par for the course but i think it detracts. anyway, yes, he and ferrari are just dominating. at this point, i'm just hoping for a strong mclaren showing SOMEwhere.
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ryan, It appears that michael's tires touched the line, but the camera angle I had was not conclusive. I wonder what the rule actually is. Do they have to cross the line completely, both front and rear tires or whatever? Either way it seemed like a real c.s. call.
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if you had speedvision, you had the same angle i had. i thought they crossed.
at least i don't have to wait two more weeks till a race. the french grand prix this weekend. are a you a freak like me, up at 4;30 saturday and sunday for both qualifying and the race? wouldn't mind waiting till monday eve to watch, but it's hard to avoid the results, as so many networks scroll 'em across the bottom during other things i might be watching.

i DO like what's happening with the williams team emerging. frank williams has poured his heart and soul into this sport, and now he's got a fine machine AND two great drivers. ralf's pretty much there. he knows he can win with a decent car. juan pablo, if he matures and keeps his head on straight, could make this team quite a force.

it's good stuff. and while i am not enjoying watching the mclarens' performance, it's still great viewing. and though i'm not a big fan of michael's, it's really not possible to say there's a better driver. as good? that's arguable, and you know my opinion. with working ferraris and michael rolling, it's hard to beat.
mclaren is really in a position now of playing catch up. david's hopes, despite what he says, are slim. it isn't like michael's gonna make more than one mistake, if that.

lookin' forward to indy.<FONT size="1">

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Didn't get a chance to watch the race so will catch it tonight. So, no word please. Thanks.
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ryan, you can't imagine the amount of self-control I am practicing at this moment. Enjoy the show.
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if Michael won, go 'head. I won't give much of a sh*t either way, other than watching who drove well (and didn't). So, if that's case, let it fly. But if it's ANYone other than him, Shhhhhhhhh.

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ryan, I feel so mean. Michael 1. (50 wins) Ralph 2. Rubens 3. Cold as Ice 4. Mika did his usual stall on the grid and was DNF.

Another champagne bath for Michael. The Pony is still prancing.
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggghhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhh!


Oh well. (Sh*t.)

Chriminy. Did Mika just leave it there? Did he complete a freakin' lap?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh. And things looked decent in qualifying.

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Geez, even I knew that Schumacher won -- again. Apparently his % or money or something is better than Tiger Woods. lol


Dante non ha mai immaginato questo cerchio dell'inferno!
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actually, i don't know that the rumors about Mika retiring are that far off. He's got the new wife, the newer baby, all the money he and his great grandkids will ever need, and basically a pretty forgettable year, car-wise. I wonder if he's as "in it" as he has been in the past. He's got the back-to-back championships, too. It's not like he's gonna catch Michael or Senna or Prost or any of those guys, records-wise. We'll see. All I know, if I were in those shoes, I'd probably be having thoughts in the back of my head, ESPECIALLY with the child, is it really worth continuing? You know how fast and final the tiniest slip-ups can be in this sport.

Anyway, apparently THIS episode was all car-related. What a season.

And if anyone in the world had any doubt WHY Michael gets the BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEG $$$$, they're getting an idea now.

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30 million a year on salary alone. Not bad for a guy who used to race go-carts.

If I were Mika, I would want to go out on a better year. There wouldn't be as many what ifs.
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