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Changing from 94 Watea to Bonafides?

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Love the Wateas, but thinking I may want to deviate a little with more stability at higher speeds and through the crud.  Will the bonafides offer that similar quickness playfullness with better hard snow performance? Not fond of how Wateas chatter on hard at times.   I know they'll float better which will be bonus :)


Would love input from anyone with experience on both skis.  Thanks

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Different skis all the way around.  The Bonafide is in no way similar to the Watea 94.  Watea 94 is kind of a soft, widish ski with a GS feel. Similar skis with a little more stability would be the Rossignol Experience 98, Kastle BMX 98, Head Rock & Roll, and Nordica Hell & Back (even a Volkl Mantra might be a consideration).  If you like Fischer, next season's Watea 96 and/or Hybrid 9.0 would also be worth a look.


Bonafide with it's tip and tail rocker is kind of vague and smeary at low edge angles, and takes high edge angles and speed to engage the tip and tail.  Also, it's short low cambered section requires very precise fore/aft balance, so you don't wash out the tail or go over the dash board. 


Demo if you can.

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Mehama, how big a person are you? I've found the Watea 94 to be really stable on hard snow in all kinds of turns and even at high speeds, but I weigh only 150. If you get chatter, that's possibly because you're using too much pressure, or too big an edge angle, or both -- and not because of the Watea 94's inherent traits. I've skied the Bushwacker and didn't find it any more powerful than the Watea 94, but again that may be due to my spindly 150 lbs weight.

I'm not trying to confuse you, I'm just suggesting that you might be able to get the performance you seek from the ski you already have. I would suggest getting a good tune on the Watea (stone grind flattening of the base, and a 1deg base, 2deg side bevel) before you pass final judgment on it. The Wateas are a very good ski IMO -- and a poor tune can make any ski feel weak on hard snow at speed.

One thing about the Wateas is that they prefer finesse over raw power, so if you like to deliver raw power it may be good to check out a ski that prefers a more powerful style.
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