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TR: Jackson Hole - March 7-14

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First time to Jackson Hole (from Upstate NY)…  3/7 - 3/14


First time going out west!


Well, it snowed for 20 consecutive days leading right up to our trip.  The day it stopped was the day we landed in town.  Figures.  Heh.  But on the bright side, there was a great base, and we were blessed with 5 straight days of brilliant bluebird sunshine. This provided for spectacular views.  Just awesome for my first time seeing the Tetons. Conditions were firm in the morning, but the afternoons were riding quite nicely as the sun was doing a number on softening up nearly all runs.  Rendezvous Bowl off the tram summit was treacherous in the mornings, but much more doable in the afternoon.  Temps were warm.  Was snowboarding in a t-shirt under my shell all 4 days.


We took advantage of the sunny days by visiting the Elk Refuge, and doing some snowmobiling into Yellowstone.  Thoroughly enjoyed both.


Snow falls at Jackson by the truckload.  While it's mind-boggling that we weren’t lucky enough to see hardly a flake of that cowboy powder over 7 days, I’m still happy with our trip.  I guess my powder sniffing radar was off a few days on the calendar.  Oh well, gives us a great excuse to head back next year.   :)


Rendezvous Bowl - Jackson Hole




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Thanks for the trip report.  Sorry to hear you got skunked on the new snow, but still had fun.

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Thanks Spike...  we had a fantastic time.


But ya know...  It's been a warm, crappy, snow-less winter in the northeast.  So I buck up to go to Jackson Hole to seek cowboy powder.  It snows for 20 straight days right up until we arrive.  Then the skies dry up for 7 days while we are there.  Now it's dumping again right after we leave.  They've gotten 18" over yesterday and today.


Man...  mother nature must really hate me this year!  Heh.   rolleyes.gif

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Actually you got some really good conditions everyday except Sunday.  You got nothing to complain about, Mother Nature loves youwink.gif.

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I'm definitely not complaining...  5 or 6 straight sunny days is nothing to bitch about!  The warm, sun-softened afternoons were great!!


But in hindsight, would I have traded one of those days for a storm day?  You betcha.  smile.gif


We'll be back - I thoroughly enjoyed your town!

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