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World Cup Finals lottery

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After yet another outstanding World Cup racing season we are once again witnessing crucial races influenced heavily by conditions. The season has been notable for so many things; the amazing and record breaking acheivements of Lindsey Vonn; the swansong of Didier Cuche; the emergence of so much great young talent, Feuz, Franz, Pinturault, Shiffrin etc. etc.


We reach the climax with every one of the mens' Crystal Globes in the balance and there to be won only for the FIS in their wisdom to stage them at a low lying alpine resort where the likelihood of poor snow, warm temperatures and races influenced massively by these conditions is a high risk.


Whilst the destination of the mens' overall is still in the balance as I place this rant, it's more than possible that the weather will have the biggest say and deprive someone of their true chance.


Last year we saw Vonn effectively robbed of the overall by cancelled and erratic races. It's happened before and it will happen again.


I would plead with the FIS to give the season the send off it deserves by heading to somewhere with a record of good late season conditions. Mountain weather is by its very nature unpredictable but please make some attempt to give the racers a chance and end the season with a climactical spectacle and not a farce!

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I agree watched the womens Super G final and Vonn had a 1.24 lead at midpoint to only have all that sugar take her out of it. Amazing recovery but it is sad to see that by Bib 3 or 4 the line has been grooved so badly. Same went for the men today. Cuche had a wild final ride as well. Shame not to go out on your final run as a star.



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